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Days of Our Lives Spoilers

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Hey Days fans, lots happening in Salem this week - baby Grace is sick, Philip and Stephanie get rescued and Stefano reveals a bombshell to daughter-in-law Nicole - he knows all about baby swap!  Woah... sounds like it could be an interesting week.  All this and more, this week on the Preview from Denial Island (June 1 - 5).


Sami: Takes baby Grace to hospital after witnessing her having a seizure. The outlook is not good – Dr. Dan diagnoses bacterial meningitis. Sami finds unexpected (but not unwelcome - at least to me) comfort in EJ’s arms, who is at the hospital to smuggle out Stefano. Before he diagnoses Grace, Dan tells Sami that genetic testing may be necessary – good thing both of Grace’s “parents” are present and Sami makes up her mind (again) to tell EJ the truth. This time, it’s Will, Lucas and finally Daniel who interrupt her from her task. Darnit.

Rafe: Begins a new job at the pier, which is now the newest hangout joint in Salem; in fact cool kids Nicole and Arianna both come to check it out. Arianna still resents Sami for ruining Rafe’s dreams of being an FBI agent, but I say the guy made his own decisions leading to his being fired and is big and ugly enough to take responsibility for them. Sami finally gets in contact with Rafe and he ends the week at the hospital with Grace.

Nicole: Nicole gets told what we suspected all along – Stefano knows her secret about Sydney, but what I don’t understand is why he wants to keep it a secret! Gah! I hope there’s a DiMera smackdown on the cards sometime soon or I wont be happy viewer. Anyhoo, Nicole also has an altercation with Mia. This is sure to lead nowhere otherwise there's isn't much point in Dr. Baker making another appearance in the coming months.

Mia: Maggie offers Salem’s newest teen somewhere to stay after it's revealed Mia’s planning to leave town. Lucas thinks this is a good idea and tells Will to stay away from the girl. Of course Mia overhears – including Will’s fierce loyalty towards her – and decides to keep hiding the truth from him. Way to repay him, Mia!

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Lucas/Chloe: Lucas wants answers about the night he fell off the wagon. Chloe’s not so forthcoming with filling the blanks. They fight. Meanwhile, Daniel’s still not over Chloe (we're going back to this are we?) and neither is Kate – she resumes the revenge on Chloe by offering her talk show hosting gig again. Don’t do it Chloe!

Philip/Steph: They start the week off by realizing they lie in adjoining morgue drawers – does anyone else find that really creepy? Working out a plan, Philip takes on Owen and wins – he and Stephanie get away, and Bope arrest Owen. Later, safe at Mansion K, Roman makes a rare appearance to put his two cents in about Philip and Stephanie’s engagement. He’s not really for it, so Stephanie repeats again how much she loves Philip and later she and Philip have ‘we were just both in morgue drawers’ sex. It doesn’t tire Steph out enough to have dreamless sleep – she has a nightmare about the kidnapping and wakes in a panic. Troubled times ahead? I see pills in Steph's future.

Coming Up Next Week (June 8 - 12):

  • Stefano keeps the baby switch from EJ (WHY?)
  • It’s not good news about Grace
  • Chelsea returns to tie up loose ends

That's it for this week. As always, leave me a comment with your thoughts, or come join us in the TFO Days forum. Don't forget to check out our DaysDaily Recaps by Susan!

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