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General Hospital Spoilers!

Here’s the Scoop! 06.01.09

Happy Monday, Happy June!


More newbies? Dominic is hitting PC and RUMORS have someone from Kate’s past popping in as well. But will it stop there? Is Sam getting a visit from an old flame once again? Is Claudia his only Port Chuckles connection? One RUMOR says while Claudia brings him to town (Sarah Brown revealed she starts filming with him today). Don’t forget that Kristina is mentioned as well. Is someone named Chris hitting town? Is he Sam’s blast from the past?

Carly/Claudia… No matter what the character name, both ladies like to plot and plan and their schemes usually end all the same, in a big old mess. Claudia brings Dominic to town but his arrival MAY wreck a little havoc on a few PC residents.

If you caught the promo You saw the fall down the steps for the dueling mothers to be. Will either lose their baby?

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Where will Michael finally lay his head to rest? Morgan’s pleas have him moving home to Carly’s but that apparently isn’t working out too well. Will Eddie Q. finally get his wish? Michael just MAY like all the benefits of being a Quartermaine but can’t his daddy give him money?

Hospital Mystery starring Patrick and Robin… Someone’s dying and Andrea Floyd is smack dab in the middle of it all. Remember, Matt plays a part as it’s most likely his patient that ends up dead and Alexis is also involved. Will Alexis fans like what’s coming up? Will Matt get a juicy story?

Will M&M ever get their two minutes? Ever since Jason Cook joined the cast everyone and their mother has been waiting for a true shot at M&M. Even if you’re not interested in them as a pairing, we all know that was Fron’s intention. Matt wants her, Maxie’s peeved about JOlivia and Spinelli is helping her crack the case of Kate’s sabotage on Crimson. Can they fit in a chem test? Do I need to go over the need for a young adult female to be added to the cast?

Who’s pulling the strings? If NotEmily and Ethan are the con duo, who’s running the show? Some thought it was Helena and the LATEST is that it’s not the psychotic granny. The twosome MAY be doing this all on their own but Helena isn’t going to let an opportunity get away. She has Rebecca who is captivating Nikolas’s attention and Ethan who is getting into Luke’s head. IF their working together, Helena COULD take over and get a two for one deal. Are Ethan and Rebecca involved in more than a con?

RANDOM and CRAZY… Is Matt the one becoming a drunk? Will he make a move on his brother’s wife? Michael likes his step-mom, will Kristina? Another blackout? Will Kate lose it all? Sonny and Olivia k-i-s-s-i-n-g? Is Dominic, Dominic or Chris?