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"Tristan Weighs In"

Now that General Hospital has re-written history and given Luke Spencer another son, Tristan Rogers (Robert Scorpio) is "weighing in" on the change.


GH has shown a photograph of Robert several times and emphatically stated on several occasions that Robert could be Ethan's father. Holly has even said Robert was the father. What has been your contact with TPTB regarding this story and Robert possibly having a son by Holly?

It’s no great secret that TPTB don’t consult me much these days when it comes to story. However, it was said to me that in the beginning this WAS Robert’s child with Holly, and that was how it would be presented. If that had happened, there would be “no harm no foul”. But, of course, it didn’t and from here it will be interesting to see it all play out. The vagueness of the story has somewhat amused me. There are no real specifics here. Holly says one thing then another. Luke wants to be the father but he’s rather challenged when it comes to parenting skills. I mean, it’s a hard sell when it comes to being an engaging story.

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