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Bryton McClure's Emmy Submission

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Bryton McClure did an interview with and in it he talks about which scene he submitted for the Daytime Emmy nominations.

yr05280915 What scenes did you submit for consideration?

BRYTON: We only got to submit from one episode this year so it was tough, but it was an episode where my sister Ana gets taken away to these offices by a social worker. The Winters family goes to try to get her back and I have scenes talking to the social worker and talking to my sister and she's scared about being taken away. A lot of stuff comes out about my mother and at the end of the show there are scenes where she gets completely taken away by a different family and we're all dealing with that. There were some good scenes at the end of that episode with myself and Eva Marcille, who plays Tyra, reminiscing about when I was growing up. There was emotional stuff all throughout the show.

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