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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Can I just say how annoyed I am that they’re doing this Luke/Ethan story in such a way that we’re all (fans and characters alike) supposed to be okay with the fact that Luke cheated on Laura? Lulu questions why Lucky is so upset, as if finding out that Luke cheated on Laura should be perfectly acceptable. Liz gently reminds Lucky that he himself cheated therefore, he shouldn’t be so hard on his father. Everybody is all, ‘hey he can love Laura and still cheat”, which is total bull crap. Sorry, I’m not drinking the Kool-Aid.


I was never a giant Luke/Laura fan, but I remember Luke being totally in love with Laura and Lucky and if you’d told me at that time that he’d left them and gone off to Singapore to have a dalliance with Holly, I would have said you’re crazy.

As for Holly, her big crocodile tears just annoyed me to no end. Basically, today’s episode left me annoyed! Talk about selfish. She loved the con life more than her child. It would have been different if she’d been a teenager and had to give up the baby, but she was an adult, making adult decisions. Cry me a river, girl.

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I actually saw a spark of chemistry between Ethan and Lulu in that scene on the docks and I actually thought what a shame that he’s her brother. What a total waste of potential story.

There are days when I get Claudia and what she doing and why (like Friday’s episode) and then there are days when I just want her to shut it (like today). The whole “I would love it if Michael came to live with us” was so totally out of place. I actually hope Michael has one of his rages against her; it would serve her right.

It was very weird seeing nuMichael and nuMorgan together. I was so used to seeing Dylan Cash and the chatterbox Morgan that it was hard to wrap my head around these two. While I’ve fully accepted Drew as nuMichael, nuMorgan is another story. I’m not sure what it is, but so far, he’s not hitting the right Morgan notes for me. Maybe it’ll just take some time.

I know it won’t happen, because it’s a soap and things take forever to unfold and drag out, but when Sonny asked what Jason had, and Claudia got that “I just pooped myself” look, I was so hoping Jason would just press the play button and let the chips fall where they may.