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General Hospital Spoilers!

Here’s the Scoop! 06.02.09


So NotEmily isn’t the RealEmily, she’s Emily’s long lost twin. Is that TPTB way of placating the fans who wanted her to be the real deal? SPOILER has it that Rebecca has known all along she’s the long lost twin despite her insistence otherwise when she first hit PC. Another bit of history rewritten? When Monica’s cancer story was happening, we met Paige Bowen a single mother who was very open with her fellow breast cancer patient Monica Quartermaine. Paige left Monica to care for her only child yet never mentioned that only child was actually a twin? I can’t wait to see how Guza and company spin this one. One RUMOR says Rebecca’s adoption was illegal. I know most fans say “how can she be Emily? We saw her dead body laying there for days upon days.” Well, in GH time it was only one night despite it taking weeks to play out. It’s very plausible to make NotEmily the RealEmily. Alexis uncovers the dirt with Rayner’s help and Rebecca leaves Wyndamere just in time to bump into Helena who wants in on Rebecca’s scam of her grandson. That Helena never misses a golden opportunity. Rebecca pretends to not know that she and Emily were twins when Nikolas shows her proof.

Rebecca and Ethan… there is plenty of GOSSIP out there about the connection these two share. One “theory” is that they are adopted siblings. Another says they just happened to meet in route to Port Charles and learned they had a con-man’s life in common. And yet another says the two are getting it on. SPOILERS say Lulu spies the two in a close conversation and she warns Ethan away from the Emily look-a-like. Ethan insists he only knows her from their meeting on the Haunted Star and Lulu says she doesn’t trust that Rebecca isn’t trying to work one over on Nikolas.

Luke leaves town… aka Tony Geary is off on his vacation. We know he’s sad to leave his storyline and Ethan behind. If it gives us a little break from this mess, I say have a nice trip. Will Tracy think her husband has left chasing after Holly? Will Luke’s leaving be at the hands of Helena? Does Tracy file for divorce? Nathan Parsons thinks Ethan should be left to run the Haunted Star. Is it me or is the Haunted Star’s lack of actual paying customers a waste of a set? Back to Helena… she’s “bumping” into Rebecca, MAY be behind Luke’s leaving and now the WORD is that she uses Luke to get Ethan and his partner in con to do what she says. Was Ethan prepared to back off before Helena dangles Luke in his face? One RUMOR says he’s unsure of what’s more important, Rebecca or his new fam.

Did they do more than screw with history when they made Ethan a Spencer? Plenty of fans are more than upset that Luke cheated on his angel. I’m not that shocked. Luke never was and never will be a moral compass but I think TPTB missed the boat on an Ethan - Lulu pairing and judging from some of the comments from Perkie’s Observations; I’m not the only one. I find his time with Lulu the only time I’m not completely annoyed with Ethan and actually think Lulu is much better opposite Ethan. There SHOULD be more sibling bonding for these two. What about Lu? Since Ethan is out as a possible love interest, who will be her next victim? Matt? Dante (when he arrives)? Maybe this newbie Dominic?

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Alexis and her upcoming mess… Kristina is a handful to say the least. The once straight A student is now hell on wheels and crushing on her Uncle Jason. Will she go as far to hit on him in her underpants? Alexis’s secrets MAY be putting more of a strain on her relationship with her daughter. Yep, I said secrets. More secrets. Don’t you love secrets? TPTB seem to think we do. What’s the secret? Some are reporting it’s an affair with the Mayor. Current or past? Remember when Ric accused Alexis of getting busy with the Mayor when she was hiding her lung cancer? RUMORS say she MAY have turned to the Mayor after catching her husband and daughter banging on her living room floor. Will Kristina have an issue with Alexis cheating on Ric?


Claudia is on pins and needles… waiting to see if Michael remembers her coma-side confessions. Will he? He starts to remember some things. But Claudia has other problems to deal with. Jason is so close to finding out the truth. In case you missed it in the comments yesterday I answered a question about Jason and Sam and they’re RUMORED adventure. I'm not sure how much of an adventure has been penned yet. They will be looking into Claudia more and trying to get the hard cold proof that she's behind the shooting. Which I find so dumb! Jason is supposed to be the hero, Sam is supposed to be the new PI and most of PC knows the truth or has had some sort of proof that Claudia was behind the hit gone wrong yet they're still out there looking for evidence? Yes most of the "proof" is Jerry's claim however; Claudia has been less than convincing in her denial of it and let's not forget -although the writers have- that Nikolas was on the receiving end of a confession from Claudia.

LL2 Re-do… I find it boring and lazy and I know I am not the only one. One comment in a mag is that they hope to rekindle the great love story that was Liz and Lucky. Now, I love Greg Vaughan but even I can admit that he is no Jonathan Jackson and if they try to recreate what once was, they will fail miserably. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, they did it right when they reunited them after Cameron’s birth. Now, it’s all been played and played out far too much to sell me on it again. Both these characters need to move on.

CRAZY & RANDOM RUMORS… Claudia feeds into Jax’s paranoia after witnessing a close moment between Sonny and Carly. Claudia also adds to Michael’s issues with his mom. After the tumble, both ladies SHOULD still be with child. Helena visits Kristina. Rebecca wants Jason to be on her side. Will Sonny request a paternity test? Michael leaves Carly’s in a huff… will Kristina pick him up? Will brother and sister find themselves in trouble? Is one half of JOlivia more invested?

CRAZY? FANFIC? SPOILER? Is Dante an undercover agent? Remember way back when, RUMORS said Dante would be the anti-Sonny. At that time it was ASSUMED he was an agent working to infiltrate the mob. Now, there is GOSSIP that Dante in an undercover agent and his main focus is bringing down organized crime. Well if this happens to be true, he’s hitting the wrong town. The mobsters never get what’s coming to them in Port Charles.