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The Young and the Restless Monday's Recap: Sabrina's Ghost Foils Adam's Plans

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Ashley/Victor/Adam and the Ghost of Sabrina:

Yes you read right Sabrina somehow managed to make a momentary comeback. But let's not get ahead of ourselves.

Victor started the episode by talking to the shrink about what had been going on with Ashley. She asked him if he was worried Ashley might be a danger to herself but he remained firm that his main concern was for the pregnancy.

Adam watched from upstairs in full gloat mode and decided to pay a visit to Ashley's room. She told him about what happened at the hospital and he feigned shock and concern like a con man pro.

Olivia brought Jack over to discuss the situation and Jack told Ashley he wanted to take her out of there. She insisted that she wanted to stay there which started an argument between Jack and Victor. Olivia took Ashley back upstairs and once again tried to bring up her seeking therapy but Ashley made Olivia feel like she didn't trust her. Ashley told her she felt like she was trapped in the house so Olivia suggested she go for a walk and then come back and get some sleep.

Adam watched and laughed at Jack and Victor's argument over Ashley. Olivia came downstairs and told them to stop arguing if they didn't want Ashley upset. Victor told Jack to leave and to not come back unless he wasn't there.

Ashley had a dream that she was taking the dog for a walk and came across the statue of Sabrina and her baby. Sabrina's spirit came out of the statue and told Ashley that she was fine and Sabrina was happy she and Victor were together and having a baby. Ashley woke from the dream with a renewed sense of serenity.

Ashley went downstairs and talked to Victor about how she'd over reacted and stressed out about something that she shouldn't have. Adam watched again from upstairs and was upset that Ashley had come back from the edge he'd pushed her towards.

Nick on the See Saw of His Woman of the Week:

Yawn yawn and double yawn Nick once again changed his mind like the quarter he's been flipping to decide between Phyllis and Sharon for the past several years. The only plus is it seems Phyllis may be catching onto this...Finally.

Phyllis went to see Jack who assured her that Sharon had decided to raise the baby with him no matter what. Phyllis was smart enough to remember that as much as her husband changes his mind so does Sharon and didn't believe it. Jack told her Sharon was headed over to tell them both now but all Phyllis heard was Sharon was once again with her husband.

She had smarts to be suspicious as at that moment Nick was trying to shove his tongue down Sharon's throat as she seemed to not be interested. Sharon tried to convince him that she really wanted to be with Jack and not destroy his relationship with Phyllis. But like the rest of us looking at past actions and words Nick knew she was full of more than just a baby on the way.

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Jack once again tried to reassure Phyllis but she said she had this coming since she'd been acting like a doormat for Nick letting him get away with everything. AMEN and HALLELUJAH I think Red has woken up. She needs to act like the Phyllis we know she can be and kick his sorry derrier to the curb. I was a Phick fan but not like this. I think it will be fun to see her and Jack get a bit of hot in the sack much overdue revenge on their respective spouses.

Nick pulled out the fate card that they were meant to be together and now that he had come to his senses they could be together like they were always supposed to. He told her she didn't love Jack like she loved him and told her he could make things right for them. She told him that he needed to be happy with his family but even if he couldn't it didn't matter because she was going to be with Jack. Nick asked her to reconsider just as Phyllis showed up and asked what he meant.

Sharon blew it off and reiterated to Phyllis that she was permanently reconciling with Jack even if the baby turned out to be Nick's. She also assured that nothing was going on between her and Nick and she wanted what was best for them and Summer and then left. Phyllis knew there was something more going on and asked Nick what it was even though she already knew the answer.

Jack came home to find a very upset Sharon who expressed how much Jack meant to her because he'd stood by her side no matter what. She told him she loved him and hugged him.

Meanwhile Nick was about to tell Phyllis what he'd decided but the babysitter called and said she needed to come home. Phyllis told him she'd see him at home to talk and left in tears knowing what he was about to say.

Kevin's Public Image Paranoia:

Kevin was taking it hard that the public was sending letters and emails about how upset they were he didn't go to prison. Jana tried to assuage his guilt and convince him they were all wrong but he wasn't in a believing mood. Amber finally got him to take a bet that she could find people online who didn't think he was the psychopath the letters made him out to be. After unhygienically spitting in their hands and shaking them they left to go search.

Kevin started by showing her an insane website and they read posts about how people thought they should be put to death for their crimes. After that though, sure enough Amber was able to find a slew of people who had been through child abuse and found him to be a hero for surviving all that he had. They shared this information with Daniel and Jana who were up to something themselves...(see the next storyline recap).

After Amber and Daniel left, Kevin figured out that Amber was the one who posted all the positive things about him but was grateful either way.

Daniel's Art Thief Debacle:

Daniel flashed back to talking to Aucker about replicating the painting and how Aucker wanted him to stay away from Jana. Aucker called Daniel to see when the painting would be done. Daniel told him these things take time and Aucker told him he had until noon the next day otherwise he would make life difficult for the criminals he called friends.

When he and Amber got to Crimson Lights Jana told him she'd figured out the painting he was replicating had been stolen years ago and was worried about what was really going on. Daniel told her everything he knew and Jana was skeptical. Daniel said he was too but checked out this guy's credentials. Jana was worried about how dangerous the situation seemed and Daniel asked how much trouble he could really be in.  

Jana agreed not to say anything but was happy that Daniel told her. He said he couldn't tell Amber because Amber would try to get involved.

Amber and Daniel came home to find their apartment trashed and Amber assumed it was one of the people who were upset she and Kevin weren't in jail but Daniel knew it was Aucker.