Eric Martsolf on Fatherhood and Raising Twins

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The Days of Our Lives blog is featuring actors, who are fathers, as part of their Father's Day coverage. They talk to Eric Martsolf (Brady Black) about fatherhood and raising twins.


Has it been easier or harder than you imagined, raising twin boys?

Surprisingly easier. I'm sure my overworked wife would say differently since she has them the majority of the time, but the beautiful thing about twins is that they have one another to entertain themselves -- literal built-in playmates! It allows mom and dad that occasional window of happy hour time.

How has being a father changed your perspective on life?

Crazy changes. I pray now before my plane takes off. I tend to get overly sensitive during news stories and movies that involve harm to children. I have a heightened respect for parents in general, and a heightened intolerance for traffic that keeps me from kissing my boys goodnight.