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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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This one's pretty much full of negativity. There are no rainbows, puppy dogs and kittens today!


So, the reason Jason didn't play the tape is because Sonny wants total proof first? He doesn't want to know the tidbits that Jason already knows? Why? I'd think he'd want to know what information has already been found, so that he can decide whether or not to let Claudia anywhere near his vulnerable son. Idiot.

Another idiot...Holly. I HATED her entired diatribe to Lucky. How dare Lucky be angry with Luke. Doesn't he realize what a wonderful man Luke is? She and Luke made a beautiful brother for him. Give me a freakin' break. The guy just found out that he's got a brother from a tryst while his parents were married and he's entitled to be as pissed off as he wants to. Some dumb ditz shouldn't be all up in his grill for it either. Her comment about, 'why can't you accept that your father is flawed and that he loves you' was also bull. Luke has done nothing for several years to make me think he likes Lucky, much less loves him and Holly wouldn't know squat since she's Johnny-Come-Lately. AAARRRGGHHH!

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Idiot #3: Tracy. I was starting to feel sorry for her, but by accepting Luke back, she's really making her bed and I lost a lot of respect for her.

What is it about Luke that the writers want me to think is so special that these women are fighting over him?

I also didn't understand Lulu's conversation with Ethan. She's telling him he should thank Holly for giving him up to his parents. Ok, but what about all the crap Holly's put him through in the past month?

I hate that they're making Spinelli so dumb that he would leave that file on his computer, accessible to someone like Johnny. He's supposed to be a cyber genius, he should lock up his files. I hate that Maxie will likely not squeal on Johnny because she's infatuated with him.

The only thing I liked today was the Carly/Claudia confrontation, but I really, really wanted Carly to haul off and clean Claudia's clock.