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The Young and the Restless Daily Recap: An Ominous Break-in

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The detective stopped by Amber and Daniel's to investigate the break-in. Amber explained that Daniel didn't want to call the police that's why they didn't call right away but the detective said that it made everything hard to believe. Amber reminded him about the angry letters with the threats just as Daniel showed up and wanted to know why Amber had called the police.

Jana did more research on the stolen painting Daniel was replicating and flashed back to a conversation she had with Daniel about it.

Kevin came out with Gloria and Jeffrey who told them they rented Phyllis' penthouse but didn't have any explanation of how they were going to pay for it. Kevin offered Gloria a job if she needed money but Gloria told him they had other "secret" plans and left.

Kevin tried to talk to Jana about his mother but she was obviously distracted which he called her on. He asked her what was going on and she said it was nothing and it had nothing to do with the emails. He asked her if she was pregnant and she laughed it off saying that things were finally peaceful around there and she couldn't shake the feeling that something terrible was going to happen. Kevin told her nothing was going to happen but she reminded him what they just went through and how she was worried it was going to happen again. Kevin assured her there was no danger lurking around the corner.

Daniel asked Amber why she called the cops and she told him it was because she was responsible for the break-in in the first place. The detective told them that he was done there and since nothing was stolen his work was done. She asked him how she was supposed to protect herself without the police's help and he told her to call the governer like she did the last time and snippily walked out. Amber then snapped at Daniel that she seemed to be the only one who gave a damn that they had been broken into.

Daniel told her involving the police was pointless and Amber didn't agree. Amber left to go talk to Kevin because if the police weren't going to protect them they needed to look out for each other. After she left Daniel called Aucker and left a message that if he didn't call him back he would blow his case wide open.

Amber went to Crimson Lights and told Kevin about the break-in. She told him she needed the letters and emails to see who might have done it. Daniel called Aucker again with no luck just as Jana showed up. She asked him what happened and he told her someone broke in and the only thing missing was the forgery and how Aucker wasn't answering his calls. Jana asked what Amber thought and he told her Amber thought it was someone who had sent her and Kevin a nasty letter. Jana told him he had to tell Amber the truth before she did something crazy. Daniel told her there was no way they were telling Amber the truth.

Daniel started cleaning up and Jana told him he was making a massive mistake hiding this from Amber. Daniel told her the last thing he needed was Amber going up against the Department of Justice but Jana said this whole thing looked majorly shady.

Kevin and Amber went over some of the letters which all that did was make Kevin feel even more guilty for getting off scott free. Amber heard an announcement for loveline and said she had a great idea. Kevin was hesitant but Amber told him to trust her it was going to work.

Kevin and Amber made a call that Kevin was obviously not comfortable with but she told him it would be ok.

the real Agent Aucker showed up at Daniel's which left him very confused.

The Mystery of Mary Jane:

Nikki met Mary Jane at the club to pick up some papers. Nikki invited her to join her and Paul for dinner but Mary Jane said she had other plans. Nikki went over to the table where Paul was working and reminded him he promised no work tonight. Paul said he was just investigating Mary Jane out of curiosity.

Paul told Nikki why he was so curious because he felt like he'd met her somewhere before and explained that she knew stuff she shouldn't know. Nikki told him about inviting Mary Jane to join them and how she took off and he took that as confirmation that she'd been avoiding him. Paul admitted he'd found nothing meaning it seemed like she didn't exist and asked Nikki for her help. She agreed but said she didn't think he'd find anything surprising.

Paul flashed back to the conversation he had with Mary Jane that peaked his curiosity. Nikki came back over to the table and said they never checked out Mary Jane's references because Jack vouched for her and Billy was the one who hired her. Nikki then said that now that it was brought up she did see Mary Jane as eccentric and acted like she was hiding something.

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Victor got a call from Mary Jane asking him to come over and he said he'd be right there. Mary Jane sat with her cat and said Victor would be there soon to help and Jack would be back too because he couldn't stay away.

Nikki and Paul were going over Mary Jane's references when Victor showed up and congratulated them both on their engagement. Nikki brought up Victor letting Estella go and Victor told her he wanted Ashley to feel comfortable in her own home. On Victor's way up a man stopped him to tell him they hadn't received payment for the suite. Victor told him he'd get the payment very soon and to be more discreet in the future.

Nikki complained to Paul that she couldn't believe Victor fired Estella so Paul started a new rule that they couldn't talk about work or exes. Paul got a call from someone who wanted to see both of them and Paul told Nikki it was a surprise who it was as they left to go meet them.

Victor went to Mary Jane's room to thank her for all her time and effort. She told him she wasn't giving up she just needed time. Victor told her this would be the last time she saw him and gave her money for her efforts. Mary Jane said they had a plan and she didn't want his money she just wanted Jack to pay for what he's done. Victor said there would be people that could get hurt that he didn't want to be. She asked who but he wouldn't say. She then brought up how baffled she was that he went through all this effort to give her a new face and persona and was now dumping her. He tried to get her to take the money again and she asked him for one more month to get Jack away from that blond bitch. He reminded her that blond bitch was the mother of his grandson and he didn't want to see her get hurt.

Paul took Nikki to Crimson Lights to meet the surprise visitor that ended up being Paul's brother, Father Todd. Father Todd told them about his latest adventures and said he was in town to help set up some youth programs. Paul asked how long he was going to be in town and Father Todd said he was leaving that night. They told him they were engaged and Father Todd welcomed her to their crazy family.

Mary Jane questioned what it was about Sharon that made every man in Genoa City want to protect her. Victor told her to let it go, the suite was paid up till the end of the week and then she needed to go. She asked where she was supposed to go since she wasn't who she used to be anymore. He told her she could get a fresh start and could do better than Jack. She snapped that she didn't want better and she wasn't giving up until she broke Jack into a million pieces. Victor told her to pull herself together and get out of town. She flew into his arms and told him she needed him and couldn't do this without him and begged him not to leave her but he left anyways.

Father Todd and Paul made jokes about their mother showing up at the wedding in black. Paul thanked him for his blessing and asked him if he would be at the wedding because he missed him and Father Todd said he missed him too. Mary Jane came in but the second she saw the three of them she panicked and ran out.

Jill/Jeffrey/Gloria....JJ&G the Trio from Haites:

Jill came over to see Victor and blamed him again for the bank going under that her money was in. He snapped at her that he didn't care about the bank going down because he had more important things to worry about. She apologized for over reacting and told him she could help him get pay back.

Victor asked her what she was talking about and she brought up Katherine hiring Neil. Victor told her he wasn't interested so she brought up blaming him for the bank again. She told him she wanted a job she wasn't asking for a handout and Victor said there was no place for her at Newman Enterprises. Jill threatened to go to Ashley and Victor warned her that if she did anything to upset Ashley she would have more to worry about then just financial issues.

Jill told Victor she didn't want to harm Ashley she just wasn't going to lay down and die. Victor told her she was a resilient woman and would be fine just as Gloria and Jeffrey showed up. Victor asked them who they thought they were coming to his house like this. Gloria and Jill started to bicker and Gloria begged him for help. Victor told them all to leave before he called security and told them not to dare to come to his house like that again.

Jill met back up with Gloria and Jeffrey and Gloria questioned why they had just done that as it didn't seem to work in the least. Jeffrey reminded her that it was to make Victor think that Gloria and Jill were at war so Victor wouldn't suspect they were working together. Jeffrey said he had someone tailing Victor to look for skeletons and once they found something they would use it as leverage to get money out of him. Jeffrey got a call from his sneak with news on Victor and a potential skeleton in his closet.

Jeffrey told them that Victor was paying cash to put someone up at the club. Gloria wanted to go check it out but Jill said she would go try to get it out of the manager. Before she left she quipped Gloria to bide her time by reading an article in restless style on dressing age appropriately leaving Gloria feeling a bit hostile.

Jill saw the interaction with Mary Jane begging Victor not to leave her and lurked back around the corner without making herself known.

Jeffrey, Gloria, and Jill talked about what Jill found out and gloated over the power they'd just come into. Meanwhile Victor sat carefree at the club while the Trio from Haites celebrated over champagne to the downfall of Victor Newman.

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