General Hospital: Perkie's Observations


Was it just me, or does Michael look strange without the head bandage? Before, he looked young and vulnerable, but with the bandage off and the short buzz cut, he looked a little.....psycho! Of course, it didn't help that his eyes were bulging as he screamed at everyone.


Love, love, love Carly/Laura Wright's new haircut. It just makes her look so much fresher. I also thought the red top on her was very beautiful as well.

Nothing says creepy quite like having your sister yank your sex partner off of you with an angry "get off my brother". That whole grabbing Olivia was weirdly choreographed, like Sarah Brown grabbed her, then tripped and they kind of ended up in each others arms. I thought for a second there that they were going to start making out!

I loved that Johnny came to Olivia's rescue and he gave me the line of the day...

Johnny to Claudia: "If anything happens to Olivia, I'll bury you and you know exactly what I mean."

I'm glad Johnny doesn't seem to be seeing Claudia with rose colored glasses anymore. When she was going on about how she, Sonny, the baby and Michael were all going to be one big happy family, did anyone notice that not once did she mention Morgan's name? Has she conveniently forgotten that Sonny has more than one son?

Speaking of Claudia ordering the hit, have the writers forgotten that Nikolas also knows she's responsible? Jason's running around town, trying to gather evidence, yet the only people who don't seem to know the truth are Carly and Sonny.

Speaking of Nikolas, while he's been busy getting it on with Emily, the sequel, is he aware that his half brother and sister have a new half brother?

Why do my favorites never get a 20 minute love montage? Why is always my puke inducing ones?

I loved the Alexis/Liz interaction and I loved the Alexis/Rayner date. More please!