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General Hospital Spoilers!

Here’s the Scoop! 06.04.09

The never known about twin storyline… as some of you have commented, it seems GH and AMC are taking stories from the same book. Weird coincidence? What’s the deal? Well as I mentioned, NotEmily is slightly peeved that her twin sister RealEmily hit the adoption lottery with the Q’s while she was sold on the black market. Not exactly how it happened NotEm but if that’s how you sleep at night… With Alexis outing her, NotEmily feigns surprise over the news she already knew. What does she do next? A trip to Jason to do damage control. Why Jason? He really hasn’t shown much interest in the girl who looks exactly like his dead sister but that’s NotEmily’s first thought?


A date with a conman? It’s been revealed that Rebecca and Ethan are working together. They pair met at the airport on their way to PC and the con man conned her. So sure, the first thing I would do is strike up a relationship and a plan with the con man I just met. So Ethan was “sent” to PC by Holly to learn from the master and on his way decided to give a few lessons of his own? What’s in it for Ethan? A girl he’s attracted to and a piece of the pie. The Quartermaines are her intended target but apparently Rebecca has some sort of a conscious as she figured them to be rich snobs and not such a warm, welcoming family. Where does Nikolas fit in? He MAY have factored in to her con but now she’s starting to like the Prince. Remember, Helena enters the picture soon.

A few weeks back, I mentioned sex hospital… Fans have been clamoring for more love in the afternoon. TPTB answer to this request, sex scenes. I’m not sure how much love is involved but there SHOULD be plenty of lust. Patrick and Robin get back on track next week. A heated argument between Sonny and Claudia turns into a roll in the hay. NotEmily and Nikolas already did the deed and JOlivia lit screens on fire. Is that what the fans wanted? Discuss… Personally, I want to see a love story develop, a good old fashioned love story. I’m over all the secrets and doom and gloom.

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Dante… Is he hitting town under another name? Some THINK this Dominic character is Dante but there’s also mention of a character named Chris. I must admit, I’m a tad bit confused. One RUMOR/FANFIC says “Chris” comes aboard as a guard for Sonny. Is he assigned to Sonny’s rebellious daughter? Is Kristina being guarded by her brother from yet another mother? Is that an interesting storyline idea? With Kristina having a crush/making a pass at Jason, is there more “ick factor” to come? I could totally see them having Kristina crush on her bodyguard. IF this is all happening, will Kristina notice that her guard is avoiding being seen by a certain Port Charles resident? And let’s not forget that PREVIOUS RUMORS have Dante being an undercover agent.

RANDOM and CRAZY RUMORS… Michael moving on up and in with the Q’s? What else of Emily’s does NotEmily want? Who else is getting busy? Will Jason buy Rebecca’s story?