Should Devon and Not-So-Aunt Tyra Get Freaky Sneaky on Y&R?


In her juicy, Genoa City spoiler today, DC's Jillian revealed Devon (Bryton McClure) is going to start having dreams about kissing Tyra (Eva Marcille), who up until recently he believed was his auntie, on The Young and the Restless!


I don't know about y'all, but I'm having mixed emotions on the subject of a possible Devon/Tyra hookup. On the one hand I think it's just plain nasty, with a Capital "N'! If that woman was raised like sisters with Devon's crackhead mama, then she is his auntie. period!

On the other hand, this is a soap, and nasty and taboo can go a looong way, just ask Guiding Light. Incestuous cousins/lovers/spouses Jonathan and Tammy were that show's last, big, pre-Otalia supercouple, and even this Jammy hater has to grudgingly admit they were kinda hot, in an all-shades-of-wrong-need-to-go-ask-the-pastor-to-pray-for-me kinda way. So what do you think, should Y&R raunch it up with a Devon and Tyra pairing, or is even the thought of Devon swapping spit, and possibly other DNA samples, with Tyra just to gross for words?