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Soap-Themed Novel, Red Carpet Riot on Sale June 9!

Mallory is back! That's right, the soaptastic heroine of Likely Story and All That Glitters  returns in Red Carpet Riot, on sale June 9. TheLikely Story series is written by David Van Etten aka the three-man teen writing trio of David Levithan (with Rachel Cohn, Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist), David Ozanich (playwright and SOAPnet blogger) and Chris Van Etten (writer, One Life to Live).


When we last left Mal, the soap opera the teen created, Likely Story, had made an impressive debut. Now Mal's show has been nominated for a Daytime Enema, er Emmy! Talk about lucky, while most girls are worried about how to get a boy to stick his hand up her skirt in high school, our Mallory is perplexed about what she's gonna wear on the red carpet!

Not that looking chic in the latest Jason Wu or Vivienne Westwood creation is all Mal has on her mind in Red Carpet Riot. Her uber bee youch, soap diva mother is engaged to Likely Story's jerk of a producer, plus Mal still can't decide between her high school boyfriend Keith or Dallas, the dreamy male lead of her soap. Oh and did I mention she also has to pass gym class? I couldn't put the first two Likely Story books down. They were fast, smart reads from writers who definitely know the ins and outs of the soap game, but more importantly Mallory and Co. managed to be believable, fun and made you want to root for them. I can't wait to read Red Carpet Riot. Pick up your copy on June 9 at your local bookstore or by visiting Amazon.

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