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The Young and the Restless Daily Recap: A Birthday and a Mystery

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Lily's Birthday and Cane's Mystery:

Lily and Cane joked about her birthday and saving the cake for her party guests. Cane turned to a serious tone and told her he appreciated that she understood there were parts of his past that he wanted to stay in the past.

Cane, Lily, and Neil arrived at Jimmy's for Lily's party. Cane and Neil joked about being in competition till they realized they probably didn't have the same clientele. Cane left to go get them drinks and Neil commented on how Lily couldn't stop smiling and they both realized how much had happened and changed in the past year.  

Lily opened up some of her presents and also had one for Cane. It ended up being a personal calendar with hearts around the best dates to make a baby. Devon left to go get drinks just as Nina showed up.

Lily and Neil talked about her wanting to start a family. Once she assured him this was about them wanting to be a family and not about Cane losing Delia Neil was completely on board.

Devon and Cane returned and Nina came over to ask if she could talk to Cane for a minute. She told them she and Amber were adapting the book on Katherine into a screenplay but whenever she asked Amber about what brought Cane to Genoa City she froze up. Devon said that was because it wouldn't put Amber in a good light. Cane said this screenplay was about Katherine and people wouldn't care about him. She said that them finding each other was a remarkable story and she had Katherine's blessing so she couldn't wait to hear more.

Nina asked Cane about Violet and Cane changed the subject saying Lily had some more presents to unwrap and asked if they could do this another time and Nina agreed.

Lily went over to Nina and told her to be cautious while talking to Cane about his past because it wasn't the easiest time in his life and was hard for him to bring up.

Cane made a call to the look-a-like of Phillip III and told him they had a problem.

Billy/Chloe/Mac Triangle with a Side Order of JT:

Chloe went to the Abbotts looking for Billy but no one was there because Billy went to Jimmy's with Flowers for Mac. She tried to give the flowers back and he told her to read the card before making that choice. The card read a congratulation to her and Raul. She told him he didn't have to do this alone he could go get Chloe and Delia and take them home. He told her he just wanted her to be happy and left.

JT came in and finally saw Mac. She couldn't believe after two months he'd finally come to see her and gave him a hug.

Billy returned home and asked where Delia was. Chloe told him she was at the Chancellor's because that was home now. He asked her if she had come by to hammer him. She brought up him acting like a jerk and he told her she was the one who bolted with his kid and that he'd called her. She snipped that yeah he'd called but while he was still obsessing over his ex. Billy told her he was the same guy he was before they got married and she knew that, it wasn't a bait and switch. She told him that was a crock and said she didn't believe that was all he was. She asked him if he really wanted her and Delia gone forever.

Billy told her he couldn't walk away from his kid but he couldn't be an uber-husband either. Chloe said she'd settle for a man who wasn't constantly chasing another woman. He reminded her that Mac is engaged to another man and that Chloe was obsessing about Mac not him. She said she wasn't a consolation prize and they had something that was real. She reminded him how similar they were and how much heat they have and wished he would focus on that instead of a woman who didn't want him anymore. She started to compare him to Cane and Billy finally snapped snarling at her to never compare him to Cane again.

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JT told Mac about him and Victoria and their baby and apologized for how it started when they were together. She told him to show her baby pictures and they'd be even so he whipped out his phone. JT then asked about her and Raul and also about her and Billy. She told him Billy still had it in him to be a good guy.

Billy ragged on Cane and wondered why he was suddenly Chloe's hero. She said he wasn't but he'd been a really good guy since he dropped the custody suit. Billy told her that Cane came and took everything away from him including his mom. Chloe told him that it wasn't all about him and maybe if he gave a bit more to his mom he'd get more attention from her in return. He asked Chloe if she was the righteous police now and she admitted she was ashamed of the things she'd done in the past and now was doing everything in her power to be someone her daughter wasn't ashamed of and asked Billy who he wanted to be.

JT took off leaving Mac deep in thought. Billy told Chloe that if she and Delia wanted to move back into the pool house he'd clear out. She told him that when she looked at him she saw charm and spark and everyone loved him even when he was acting like a jerk. She asked him if he realized that she loved him even if it made her the biggest idiot in the world and she didn't think her love was the worst thing to have. He asked her what she wanted him to say back and she said that all she wanted was for him to let Mac go because then she could make their family work and asked him for the truth.

Billy told Chloe that he missed her and Delia and if he could be the guy she thought he could be then he had to tell her everything. She took a deep breath and told him to get it out. He then confessed that Sharon's baby could be his.

Amber and Kevin Get the Blues with Tommy Lasorda:

Amber and Kevin tried to call loveline but Dr. Drew refused to speak with her again. They tried calling several other places but no one would speak with them. Finally Amber saw an ad for a call in show for people who "have the blues." She called in thinking it was a place to talk about your woes but it ended up being a radio show with Tommy Larsorda to talk about the LA Dodgers.

They apologized for the mistake and told him they were really big fans but Tommy told them not to hang up because he'd like to help. They told him who they were and one by one people called in once again ragging on the duo saying they should have gone to jail. Kevin almost backed out of telling his side of things but sucked it up and told everyone the story right down to the nitty gritty details of the abuse he suffered as a kid. This finally got a sympathetic reaction from Tommy and the listeners.

Back at Daniel's apartment Noah called and told them to turn on the radio. There Daniel and Jana listened before going to Crimson Lights to show their significant others their support. Jana praised Kevin's bravery in telling his story and Daniel congratulated Amber on a brilliant idea.

Daniel and Jana Say Will The Real Aucker Please Stand Up:

The real Agent Aucker came in and asked Daniel why he'd been flooding his office with calls. Daniel proceeded to tell him what had been going on and how he'd been approached by a man who was pretending to be Agent Aucker. Aucker asked Daniel to sketch what the guy looked like, write down the details, and fax him all the information as soon as he could. Daniel asked what he should do if the other Aucker called him again. The real agent told him to call them right away if that happened and then left.

Jana once again wanted Daniel to tell Amber what was going on but he said he had to deal with this himself. Jana promised to keep his secret as long as he promised to not try and go after this guy himself. When they met up with Kevin and Amber at Crimson Lights they continued the charade that everything was fine but remained deeply worried. In the meantime Faux-Aucker was seen talking to someone about how perfect Daniel's replication of the stolen painting was and wondering if Daniel knew what he had just gotten himself into.

Coming up tomorrow....

Ashley snips to Olivia asking if now she's crazy because she had a dream that gave her a different perspective on things and maybe needed to be committed.

Sharon tells Chloe that she thought she would have a hard time accepting that it had happened that morning and Chloe figures out that Sharon slept with Billy on their wedding day.

Nikki tells Victor she'd like to say something about him and Ashley.

In true Naughty Nicki fashion my question today is in regards to a contest over at to find the 2009 ADONIS. This week is the semi-finals to pick a finalist from Y&R and here are the choices!

Which Y&R hottie would you like to see in the finals to be ADONIS 2009? And for fun after that explain personality wise if the actor or the character he portrays has the sexier persona.

A. Thom Bierdz (Phillip Chancellor III)

B. Doug Davidson (Paul Williams)

C. Daniel Goddard (Cane Ashby)

D. Michael Graziadei (Daniel Romalotti)

E. David Lago (Raul Guttierez)

F. Christian LeBlanc (Michael Baldwin)

G. Thad Luckinbill (J.T. Hellstrom)

H. Bryton McClure (Devon Hamilton)

I. Billy Miller (Billy Abbott)

J. Joshua Morrow (Nick Newman)

K. Greg Rikaart (Kevin Fisher)

L. Kevin Schmidt (Noah Newman)

M. Kristoff St. John (Neil Winters)