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The Young and the Restless Spoilers

Chloe: The fashionista is over Billy and chucks her wedding ring at him.

Daniel tries to prove his claims about the faux FBI agent and knock-off paintings with the real Agent Aucker by taking a polygraph. Aucker doesn't think Daniel's on the up and up. Jana sees Victoria meeting with the fake agent, who is trying to commission a sale with her. Jana realizes who he is and keeps quiet about his identity after Howard corners her and threatens Daniel. Jana cajoles Victoria into closing the deal with Howard.


After Howard departs, Victora tells Jana she's not spending a dime on anything Howard is selling. Later, Victoria meets with Agent Aucker and decides to team up with him to bust Howard. Jana informs Daniel of what transpired. Daniel heads over to Jimmy's (this is the new hangout of choice these days) to get the fake painting back from Howard and also have Aucker bust him. Jana decides to head to Jimmy's also and things get a bit more complicated when Kevin and Amber decide to tail her, insisting on being clued in.

Before she can fill them in, Jana spots Aucker, who is wary. Jana keeps mum on the plan and decides to see what goes down. Meanwhile, Daniel and Howard meet up in an alley where Howard brandishes a gun! Before anything can happen, a masked gunman jumps out and caps Howard! Before he dies, Howard informs Daniel that everyone will hold him responsible for Howard's death, just as Victoria comes on the scene. Frantic, Daniel flees home where he meets up with Jana, Amber and Kevin. Daniel and Jana decide its time to tell their significant others about the fake painting/FBI scam. At first, Kevin and Amber are upset the two didn't clue them in earlier, but Kevin comes around and tells Daniel he has to leave GC. Unfortunately, Aucker arrives and starts to grill the gang about Howard's murder and things take a dark turn for the young artist. Aucker informs Daniel  his prints are on the gun used to kill Howard and he then accuses Jana of being Daniel's partner in crime.

Mac/Billy: At Crimson Lights, Mac bumps into Billy and the two take a stroll down memory lane. Billy confronts Mac on the vibes she's sending his way and she shows Billy her scrapbook of their past. Mac's defenses are up. She keeps insisting to Billy she isn't trying to cause any problems, but Billy stays on her until Mac finally admits  she's still in love with him. Mac tries to cover by saying she doesn't want to be with him.

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Mac says she doesn't want to be the cause of Billy's marriage ending, and doesn't want Delia growing up without her father. Billy clues Mac in on Chloe leaving him. Mac is torn by this revelation. On one hand she wants Billy, but on the other she knows Billy and Chloe have become close and could reunite, so she guards her true  feelings about Billy's revelation. Mac doesn't know what she should do. She loves Billy, but doesn't want to be burned. Later, Mac has to decide between Billy and Raul.

Adam/Ashley: Upping the stakes on his gaslighting scheme, Adam decides to dress up as Sabrina! A horrified Ashley tries to flee when she spies "Sabrina",  but winds up taking a tumble down the stairs and is knocked out cold. Adam decides to clean up his misdeeds by carrying an unconscious Ashley back into her bed and burning her bloody nightgown. While this is all taking place, Nikki comes back the ranch and is alarmed hearing Ashley screaming. Adam tends to Ash, and is able to hoodwink her into believing she's just having a nightmare.

Once Adam ushers Nikki out, the doctor examines Ashley and tells her that she and the baby are in tip-top shape. Later, the doctor tells Adam that Ashley miscarried. Adam blackmails the doctor to keep quiet about the loss. Even though Adam is hellbent on revenge against Victor and Jake, he feels terrible for Ashley. This doesn't prevent him from continuing to get even, however. Later  in the week, Adam is freaked when Ashley tells everyone she can feel the baby kicking!

Victor: The Black Knight catches Adam with a recording of Sabrina's voice and orders him to keep his room door open at all times.

Mary Jane:
She goes a bit too far.

Devon: He dreams of kissing Tyra!

Nina: She starts closing in on Cane's secret. When she has Phillip III's body exhumed for tests, she discovers there is NO BODY! Later on, Nina's safety is in jeopardy.