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Will Martha Byrne Get in Touch With Her Inner Hillary on General Hospital?

TV Guide Canada's Nelson Branco got the scoop from As The World Turns alum-turned Bold and Beautiful script writer Martha Byrne on Andrea, the new political diva she's playing on General Hospital. Will Andrea bear a resemblance to a certain ex-First Lady-turned-presidential candidate?


TVG: Tell me about Andrea.

Andrea is a very in-your-face, full of attitude, and opinionated character. Andrea's the opposite of Lily right down to the clothes. Andrea is the wife of a politician. She’s the woman behind the man, and she needs to be heard and boy, is she ever! A scandal brings Andrea out from the shadows. She's busy trying to troubleshoot the situation with Robin and Patrick. Andrea doesn't take no for an answer.

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TVG: Is Andrea modelled after Hillary Clinton?

I think so. I often think of what happened behind closed doors between Hillary and Bill when the Monica Lewinsky scandal broke. There are two different sides to Andrea — a private and a public side.

Well, if she is patterned after Hill, my only advice is Andrea should refrain from referencing country music legend Tammy Wynette—Lord rest her soul—during 60 Minutes interviews. People tend not to take to kindly to that sort of thing. I think that''s what kept Hillary out of the White House!