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BREAKING NEWS: Has OLTL Won the Casting War Over Gina Tognoni?

Ruh Roh. We bet Babs ain't a happy sistah this afternoon! Remember when we told you Guiding Light's Gina Tognoni became the most sought after soaper in daytime on the heels of GL being unceremoniously cancelled by CBS? Well, it looks like Brian Frons might have won this round. In today's The Suds Report, TV Guide Canada's Nelson Branco reveals sources have Tognoni "this close" to signing on to reprise her breakout role as Kelly Cramer Buchanan on One Life to Live. Branco goes on to report Tognoni allegedly turned down roles on The Young and the Restless and The Bold and the Beautiful because she wanted to stay in Gotham with her new husband. Too bad, Tognoni would have KILLED as Y&R's Victoria Newman! 


Sources tell DC's Guiding Light blogger Melodie Aikels TeleNext did everything in their power to keep Tognoni, in lieu of what happens with GL and possible cable talks. If GL's top tier actors are beginning to bolt, this doesn't exactly paint a pretty picture about the show's survival off CBS, however Aikels hears talks with cablers are ongoing.  

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