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BREAKING NEWS: Melody Thomas Scott WRITTEN OUT of Y&R!

Dang, it looks like Auntie Ri Ri and Uncle Paul reallyain't playing over at The Young and the Restless! TV Guide Canada's Nelson Branco is reporting talks have completely broken down between the soap and lead diva Melody Thomas Scott (Nikki Newman). The soap has gone so far as to reportedly script an exit for Scott, meanwhile a former co-star tells Branco that Scott fancied herself queen to Ed Scott's king during her hubby's reign as executive producer of the soap!


A former co-star tells The Suds Report that, “Mel thought she ran that show for years because her hubby, Ed [Scott], was the producer. Well, times have changed, and actors do not run that show anymore. She’s nuts if she thinks another soap can afford her. Mel is so tied to Nikki that she won’t get another soap gig, especially in these tough economic times.”

Okay, somebody get my 'pressure medicine. I can't take it! I know I make fun of her, but I simply cannot imagine my Young and Restless without Nikki Newman walking around all stuck up like she just sucked all the air out of a helium balloon. Seriously, can't y'all come to some kind of agreement? What is the point of paying Thad Luckinbill (Who I adore, but he's become pointless), Amelia Heinle, Judith Chapman and several others, when you can't afford La Nikki? In this day and age of soap operatic death, I would rather see a smaller group of old faves, than a bunch of people being paid  to fill out a cast. 

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Who is Victor gonna yell at and remind how he found her on a stripper pole if Nikki isn't in town? Who's gonna remind Sharon what a gold digging tramp she is? Okay, well Phyllis, Mary Jane and now Chloe have that covered, so scratch that. Who's gonna say her children's full names at all times when she speaks to them in a high-pitched whisper/squeal? Who's gonna wear black furs in the spring? I tell you I can't take it! If not resolved to the fans liking, this could prove to be the Dream Team's first major eff up. Do whatever it takes to make it work and give us our Nikki! And Melody, you meet them half way! Do you want to be hosting radio shows with Deidre Hall? Huh, do ya'? I need to go lie down.