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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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I call bullcrap on Michael being able to get out of bed, walk to the elevator, take it down to the lobby and almost make it out the front door. After seeing him half dead after the physio appointment, there's no way I can believe he has that much strength in his legs now. This is all the same day, since Carly's still in her red top, so there's just no way. Had they shown Claudia helping him get on or off the elevator that would be different, but as they showed it, no way.


And speaking of Claudia, that girl has become an insidious worm, burrowing herself into Michael's brain and mentally taking him hostage. "Oh Michael, you're mother doesn't understand you like I do." UGH. What a vile, disgusting woman.

And speaking of Michael, I can't figure out if he's actually feeling cabin fever or just being a petulant teenager. I remember two days after my C-Section, I wanted so badly to get out of the hospital and go home even though I was being discharged the next day. I was just so tired of the crappy bed, the crappy food, the hospital smell and the noise, I was itching to get out. So if that's what Michael's feeling, I get that. The other side that he's showing is more sucky teen, 'I don't want to listen to the adult type of behaviour and that's just annoying to me. Realistic (and well played by Drew Garrett), but annoying nonetheless.

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I love all things Scrubs, although I hope Robin doesn't become overly obsessed and overprotective with Emma now. I do wonder how she managed to stop herself from jumping Patrick's bones right there. There was more heat in that little conversation about how Patrick misses the intelligence of his colleague and the sexiness of his wife, then there was in the entire two days of ReNik.

Still loving Raynexis. He's just so cute and light with her. I hope their scenes don't end now that he's gotten the information she needed.

NuKristina's kind of cute. but are we going to be spending the summer dealing with two petulant Corinthos teens?

Where's Ric?