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General Hospital Spoilers!

Here’s the Scoop! 06.05.09


Q&A Day… ask away!

Ric has a court order for a paternity test… will Sonny want one too? Remember, Sonny starts to question who really knocked up his wife. Go, stay, no I want you to leave… Make up your mind Sonny! Apparently he does and he MAY even have a tug on his heart strings as he overhears Claudia professing her love to her unborn child. Both babies and ladies are ok after the tumble.

Carly and Morgan may want him home with them but does Jax? He’s concerned that a volatile Michael will negatively affect Carly’s pregnancy.

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Is Elizabeth Michael’s next target? Is Monica? RUMOR has it that Jason must once again calm his nephew down. There have been RUMORS about a Liason confrontation and I’ve been hesitant to report on it but COULD it be happening? And why now?

Will Ethan and Rebecca fill us in on all the dirty details? SPOILERS say they’ll dish on how they cooked up their con.

Jason’s duped by a con… I mentioned yesterday that Rebecca heads to Jason after her twin status is out in the open thanks to Alexis. Will the hitman be preoccupied and buy what Rebecca is selling? Will Luke get in between Rebecca and Helena? Is that why Helena grabs him?

Hop on in and let’s go for a ride… Joyride! Sonny surely has his hands full with these two as Kristina picks Michael up and the pair takes off. Is an accident sure to follow?

The Mayor and his mistress… She takes a tumble in the shower at the Metro Court. Olivia calls on Patrick and Robin to come to the hotel to take care of the injured mistress. Hey Olivia, ever hear of 911? For someone who wanted her child and herself away from the Mob, you sure operate like a mobster would. I’ve mentioned that Matt operates on the mistress who later dies thus throwing Dr. Hunter into a medical malpractice fiasco. Is there more to the story? Will Robin and Patrick be doing the digging?