MIchael Fairman Helps The Advocate.com Lather Up With "Soapside"

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Hey guys, gals and gals who like gals, if you're wanting to find a comprehensive guide to all things soapy and gay, check out Soapside, Michael Fairman's new bimonthy column for Advocate.com! In the latest installment, Fairman previews his upcoming Father's Day chat with Van Hansis and Paolo Seganti, the talented men who bring As The World Turns' favorite gay coed Luke Snyder and his bio pop Damian Grimaldi to life. Fairman also gives up the soap dish on Y&R alumn Lauralee Bell's new web series, her former leaidng man Thom Bierdz's recent jaw-dropping return and encourages Advocate.com readers to help my BSS Eden Riegelwrite her Webby Award acceptance speech.