Sarah Brown Hot to Work With Nathan Parsons on GH

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It looks like Sarah Brown is clamoring to work with Nathan Parson on General Hospital, according to The Suds Report. I tell you what, this young man has certainly capitvated GH's A-List stars. Doesn't anybody wanna work with poor Greg Vaughan? He was on Charmed you know! 


The Power of Three,

Shall set you free,

The Power of Three,

Shall set you free

Next thing you know Tony Geary, Brown and Maurice Benard are gonna get into fisticuffs over Parsons on one of those expensive new sets. Sonya Eddy and Becky Herbst will have to break it up. I hope Fronsie bought good insurance! They're gonna need  that set in relative good shape for Jon and Kate's talk show in a couple of years.