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The Reason OLTL's Ratings are Down...

Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand rants. It's a shame that all the great strides that Frank Valentini,  Ron Carlivati and their team have made with One Life to Live have been sacrificed at the altar of Brian Frons' pigtastic lack of vision. Frons is no doubt stomping around, stammering incoherently about the ratings for OLTL this week, when we all know doggone well it is  his incessant meddling, i.e. not allowing storylines a solid beginning, middle and end, forcing vapid underwear models onto the canvas and down viewers throats, demanding the rapemance between Todd and Marty in the first place, etc. which has kept this soap from thriving under Valentini and Carlivati in the Nielsens. Kill off Stacy (Crystal Hunt) ASAP, launching a huge murder mystery and perhaps this story stink bomb can be salvaged, and OLTL's viewer bleed out staved off. 

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