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The Young and the Restless Daily Recap: Bed Buddy Swap!

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Phyllis, Nick, Sharon, and Jack Swap Bed Buddies:

Nick told Phyllis that he'd been trying to find the best way to say this. She told him a simple yes or no would do but he said nothing about this was simple. Phyllis said he must want to be with Sharon otherwise he wouldn't have such a hard time saying what he needed to say. Nick remained silent confirming her fears. He finally spoke and said this wasn't working anymore, pretending their relationship was going somewhere it wasn't. Phyllis said, "I see," and Nick wondered if that's really all she had to say. She asked him if there was any point anymore and he told her he better than anyone knew it wasn't good for her to bottle up stuff and told her to do something. Phyllis told him she didn't have any more tears left and if she did she wouldn't waste them on him.

Nick told Phyllis they needed to talk about this. She asked him if that would stop him from leaving. He told her there was stuff to work out in regards to living and monetary arrangements. She told him that would be something for her attorneys to figure out. He asked her not to make this ugly and she was appalled saying he should have thought about that before throwing their marriage away. he said he wasn't throwing it away and she quipped back that then he was just trading it in for the one he had before. He asserted that he wasn't doing this so he could run off and be with Sharon. Phyllis said then she didn't understand was he ending their marriage because they had such a bad thing going on there? Nick said no and she said she didn't get it. She asked him if he was lying all those times he said he loved her and he said of course not. She asked if it was because the sex was bad and he told her she was amazing. She asked him to help her understand because it seemed like he was leaving to go be with Sharon. Nick said Sharon wanted to be with Jack not him. Phyllis then came to the realization that he was leaving so he'd be available and Sharon wouldn't have to feel guilty anymore for being with him. He finally admitted it was about Sharon whether he wanted to think it was or not.

Nick said he thought what he felt for Sharon would fade in time but he was wrong. Phyllis cried that she guessed she bought into the fantasy too thinking she had the perfect husband, life, and child and wanted it to last forever and so she dealt with his constant pandering to Sharon. Nick said he wasn't asking for a free pass because he knew what he did was wrong and he would do anything to spare her the pain she was going through and he was so grateful for what they had. He told her she got him through Cassie's death and she made him feel alive again. She said she was glad she could do that for him. He told her it was more than that and she knew it. She said she didn't know it because what he was describing sounded like a shrink with benefits. Nick told her he loved her and that was real. This left Phyllis confused about why he was leaving so Nick told her that Sharon had been a part of his life longer than she hadn't been and reiterated their history. Phyllis was shocked that he considered that more compelling then their life together. He told her she asked for him to be honest and she snapped that she didn't ask for this and their daugther didn't ask for this. She pulled herself together and said she wasn't doing this anymore and started asking herself what she was going to do and what she was going to tell Summer. Nick said they'd talk to her together and Phyllis told him no and told him to get out and go to Sharon.

Nick came downstairs with a bag and said he was getting a room at the club. He told her they still had a lot to talk about with regards to Summer. Phyllis said he would see his daughter but she wouldn't be around. He said he wasn't abandoning her and she said she didn't want his pity or sympathy or money, she didn't want anything from him. Nick said he understood and Phyllis said he really had no idea. Nick picked up his bag and left just as the power went out.

Jack went to see Phyllis and she told him Nick left for good. Her phone was ringing but she said she wanted to ignore it. He asked her what happened and she told him that Nick left her and Summer for Sharon. Jack told her that Sharon wasn't interested because she wanted to raise this child with him. Phyllis said that wasn't going to happen because the second she found out Nick was divorcing her she would be on his doorstep getting ready to jump his bones and start their happily ever after. Phyllis told Jack it was over and the quicker they accepted that the better it would be for both of them.

Sharon ran into Nick going into his room and he told her he'd left Phyllis. He asked Sharon to come in for a few minutes and Mary Jane saw it. Sharon asked how it went with Phyllis and he told her he told Phyllis he was still in love with Sharon and nothing she said would change that fact. Nick said he may end up alone the rest of his life but he couldn't stay in a marriage anymore that he wasn't completely committed to. Sharon asked him if he wasn't in love with Phyllis anymore and he told her that a part of him would always love Phyllis. Sharon said this was a mistake and she needed to go but Nick stopped her and said he wanted her and their life back. She told him he didn't know what he was saying but Nick reiterated that Sharon was the love of his life. She said she couldn't believe it that her dreams were coming true. Nick told her to believe it and kissed her.

Jack told Phyllis he proposed to Sharon and she gave him all kinds of reasons why she couldn't right now. Phyllis said she probably gave him all the reasons except the truth that she was waiting to see what would happen with Nick. Jack and Phyllis both talked about the denial they were in and Phyllis said she should have known because she wasn't a fairy tale kind of gal. She went on to say some women were destined to meet their one true love but women like her, not so much. Jack told her not to talk like that and she told him he knew it was true and asked him to name one man who believed in her. Jack kissed Phyllis and laid her back down on the couch.

Nick and Sharon made love in his room while Jack and Phyllis made love on her couch with Mary Jane watching from outside the window.

Ashley Takes a Tumble After Seeing Adam in Drag:

Jack went over to the Newman Ranch where Adam was listening to a severe storm weather report on the radio. Jack told him he was on his way up to see Ashley and Adam told him not to because she was sleeping.

Ashley was asleep and heard a woman's voice whispering her name. She got up and headed into the hallway where she saw Sabrina telling her Victor was her's and to stay away making Ashley scream. Jack heard this and ran upstairs.

Jack ran to Ashley's aide and found her freaking out and crying in her room. She told him she had a nightmare and told him about it. He told her it was just a dream and had her sit down. She said she'd dreamed of Sabrina before and felt peace afterwards so she didn't understand this change. Adam listened to her explain the nightmare to Jack in detail.

Jack told Ashley that Olivia called him which pissed Ashley off and she snapped that she didn't need him to hold her hand. Jack said he wanted to take her back to his house to take care of her. Ashley said she didn't need to leave because she had Adam and the staff. Jack said he wanted to be able to keep an eye on her but Ashley said she wasn't crazy. Jack said no one was saying that he just wanted to take care of her till Victor came back. Adam listened to Ashley continue to argue this with Jack and came into the room. Jack told him he was taking Ashley home for a couple of days and Adam told him he couldn't do that.

Adam told Jack this was no weather to be driving a pregnant lady around in and Ashley agreed with him. Jack got a call and said he had to go because he had an emergency but had his cell on him if she needed him. He left and Ashley got back into bed and Adam told her he'd be in his room if she needed him. Jack told Adam if anything happened to Ashley while he was gone he would hold Adam responsible. The maid asked Adam if there was anything he needed and he told her to go ahead and leave just as the power finally went out.

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Nikki and Paul talked about how there was no power out at the ranch and were worried about Ashley so Paul asked if they should go over. Nikki said she would stop by and meet him at home.

Ashley awoke to find the power completely out and heard her voice being whispered. She got up and went out into the hallway and called for Adam. She then heard the recording of Sabrina's voice that had called her phone before.

Ashley started down the stairs and saw Adam dressed up like Sabrina but thought it was Sabrina and fell down the stairs. She laid unconscious at the bottom as Nikki knocked on the door calling out to her and Adam was freaking out because that's obviously not what he intended to happen.

Jeffrey and Gloria Spy on Mary Jane's Insanity:

Jeffrey returned home and asked Gloria if she was afraid of the dark. She said no but she was afraid of being broke. He told her to relax because they would have their money back long before the power got turned off. Gloria wasn't too sure that the plan was going to work and was worried about surviving blackmailing Victor Newman. Jeffrey said he had someone tailing Mary Jane to see what she was up to. He got a call from his P.I. who left town on business but Mary Jane was still in town.

Sharon went to the club and saw Mary Jane giving her a nasty look. She asked her if there was a problem and Mary Jane said there wouldn't be if she left Jack alone.

Mary Jane told Sharon she hoped she was proud of herself and how she'd made a disaster of everyone's lives. Sharon started to leave but Mary Jane grabbed her arm. Sharon told her to let go or she would call security. Paul and Nikki showed up to see the altercation and told them this wasn't the time or place for this. Mary Jane asked Sharon what kind of spell it was that she cast over men to make Jack want to take care of a baby that probably wasn't even his. Sharon asked who told her that and Mary Jane told her to do the right thing and let Jack go. After Mary Jane had left Nikki was startled to find out Sharon was pregnant.

Jeffrey joined Mary Jane at the bar and introduced himself to her.

Sharon and Nikki discussed her pregnancy but Sharon left saying she'd had enough judgement for one evening. As soon as she walked away Gloria came over and started talking to Nikki about Ashley. Nikki asked what her interest in Ashley was and joked that Gloria probably wanted Nikki to get a lock of Ashley's hair to make a voodoo doll. Gloria feigned that she just wanted to let bygones be bygones and asked how she was doing with Victor these days.

Jeffrey tried to spark up small talk with Mary Jane but she wasn't interested in talking to him and left.

Nikki asked Gloria why Jeffrey was talking to Mary Jane but all Gloria could say was she could never leash him. Nikki was suspicious of Gloria's motives towards Ashley and Gloria said she didn't want to hurt Ashley and if she was lying may lightning strike her on the spot...just as the power flickered off and on. 

Mary Jane tried to call Phyllis but got her voice mail. Paul showed up at her door and claimed to be checking to see if she was ok and asked if he could come in. She told him she was tired of women like Sharon stringing men along and not thinking of who they were hurting. Paul said it sounded like she'd been hurt like this before. She told him he should leave because she was tired and he said he understood. Before he left he told her he didn't know why but there was something inside of him that said he should care. Jeffrey lurked outside of her room and was thrilled that things were getting better and better.

Jeffrey returned home to find Gloria trying to track down some candles and told her that he found Paul in Mary Jane's room.

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Jack is lying on the bed blindfolded and Mary Jane is hovering over him with scissors.

Ashley looks at Adam and says it wasn't a dream it was real and asks him what he's done to her.

Sharon tells Nick she's never loved anyone like she loves him and he tells her he loves her too.