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The Young and the Restless Daily Recap: Chloe is Shattered by the Truth

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Jack and Sharon went to the club and seemed like the perfect happy couple which bothered Mary Jane who saw it and ran out.

Billy told Chloe about possibly being the father of Sharon's baby which at first she didn't believe but finally realized he was telling the truth. She asked him if he was trying to drive away every single person who cared about him which included Jack on top of her and Delia. She realized the argument she'd walked in on the other day was about Sharon and said it looked like Jack was going to put him through a wall. Billy admitted he wished Jack had.

Phyllis went home and saw a note from Nick about going to the main house and how he'd be awhile. She was baffled that he was going to check on business when they needed to talk about their marriage.

Nick went to the main house and ran into Adam. They quipped about not wanting to see each other and Adam told him that Victor had a meeting in town. Nick told him that Victor may be taking pity on Adam but would never forgive or forget what he'd done.

Olivia checked on Ashley and said everything seemed good with the pregnancy. Olivia once again hinted around Ashley seeing a shrink but Ashley still wasn't for it and said Victor understood and that was the type of support she needed.

Victor went to see Nikki at the club to tell her his congratulations on her engagement were sincere and that he liked and trusted Paul. Nikki told him she was happy and said they'd come a long way from the days of throwing insults at each other. Victor told her he regretted some of the things he'd said after Sabrina died and Nikki appreciated what it took for him to admit that.

Nick told Adam he was happy to see Victor so happy but just because he was didn't mean he'd forgotten what Adam had done. Adam said that at least Victor realized people could change even if Nick didn't. Nick said he was genuinely sorry Adam was going blind but in his opinion that was the only thing that had changed in him. Adam said maybe someday he'd earn Nick's respect and left.

Nikki told Victor about begging Ashley to find him and he was surprised by that. Nikki said she felt that Ashley was the only one who could get through to him and he appreciated how difficult that was for her. Victor admitted he'd almost lost his will to live after Sabrina and Nikki said Ashley and the baby had brought him back to life and she was very grateful for that. Nikki also said if he hadn't returned to Genoa City or survived that ordeal it would have killed her. She teared up and said thank goodness he was well, hugged him, and left.

Adam went upstairs and eavesdropped on Ashley's argument with Olivia about going to therapy. Ashley told her about the dream she had about Sabrina and how that brought her peace. Olivia said it was just a dream so Ashley snapped that now Olivia thought she was crazy that a dream brought her perspective and she was feeling good and now Olivia wanted to commit her for that. Olivia asked her who said anything about being committed and Ashley told her it was time to go. Adam watched this gloating. Olivia told her she'd check in with her later and Ashley told her that wasn't necessary.

Nikki went by to see Phyllis and brought Summer a bear. Phyllis told her Summer was a Victoria's and Nikki said that was fine because she had one for Reed too. Phyllis went to open the door for Nikki to leave and Mary Jane had arrived claiming it was to go over business stuff. Phyllis asked her if they had to go over it right then and Mary Jane said she had to get them in by tomorrow. Nikki asked if she could sit in and Phyllis said that was fine. Mary Jane asked her if she and Paul had picked a date for the wedding yet and Nikki said not yet. Nikki asked Mary Jane what brought her to Genoa City in the first place.

Adam pretended to stumble into Ashley in the hall and asked about her argument with Olivia. She blew it off and said she was going for a walk on the grounds.

Billy told Chloe he was only with Sharon a couple of times and she snarked that that made her feel so much better. Billy said Jack was right to call him a selfish idiot and Chloe said this was poetic justice for her tricking Cane into thinking he was the father. Billy said his head was messed up because he wasn't ready to be a husband or father but now he was. Chloe asked him what he would do if the baby was his and he said he'd be in the kid's life but Jack was going to raise it. Chloe started to freak out and leave but Billy grabbed her and said he was sorry and he wanted to be together with her and Delia and would make this up to her. Chloe told him if he really wanted her back then she wanted certain things that were non-negotiable.

Jack and Sharon continued to bring up their short comings in the marriage and Jack insisted they were all in the past. He told her they and the baby were going to be so happy together no matter who the bio-daddy was and popped out a ring asking her to marry him again.

Nikki continued to question Mary Jane about her past and how she ended up in Genoa City. Phyllis brought up some business but was interrupted by a call from Victoria. She then talked to Summer while Nikki and Mary Jane eyed each other suspiciously. Nikki told Phyllis she should probably get over to Victoria's before the kids went to sleep and left. After she was gone Mary Jane asked Phyllis if Nikki normally drilled people like that and Phyllis said not really. Mary Jane could see something was upsetting Phyllis and they commisserated about the men in their lives and Sharon's effect on them all. Mary Jane confessed that she wanted Jack back and Phyllis told her to walk away because Sharon was pregnant. Mary Jane's response was to say that she hated Sharon which Phyllis was kinda shocked by.

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Sharon didn't want to get engaged right then so Jack said he'd hold onto the ring in case she changed her mind. Sharon thanked him for being so understanding and their conversation was interrupted by a business call. Sharon told him to take it and she'd meet him back at home and left.

Chloe told Billy that they needed to find their own home to start over in and until then she and Delia were staying at the Chancellor Estate.

Nikki found Ashley talking to Sabrina's statue and looked worried by it.

Nick and Victor talked business and Victor told him he needed Nick to go to New York that night. Nick told him it wasn't a good time because he and Phyllis were having some problems and he needed to get home. Victor asked if it was that serious and Nick said they may not make it because of Sharon.

Billy went to the club for a drink and went over to talk to Jack instead when he saw him. He told Jack that he knew he betrayed him in the worst possible way and this was the thing he regretted most in his life. He said he was sorry and he confessed to Chloe. Billy went on to say that Chloe wanted her own place and that would probably be best for Jack and Sharon too. Jack told Billy if he really wanted forgiveness then he needed to realize play time was over because right now Billy was all talk.

Phyllis admitted that she hadn't exactly been an angel in this mess with Nick and Sharon. Mary Jane said anyone could see Phyllis loved Nick and Phyllis said she did more than anyone in her life. Phyllis finally confessed she hated Sharon as much as Mary Jane did and Mary Jane joked about killing Sharon. Phyllis told Mary Jane to let go and find someone worthy of her and Phyllis said she was going to put all her efforts into working on her marriage.

Nick told Victor about Sharon being pregnant which Adam heard and was appalled at Nick's hypocrisy. Nick admitted the baby may not be his and he loved Phyllis but he couldn't let go of Sharon. Victor told him that recapturing the past didn't guarantee happiness and so much had happened since Cassie died. Victor also told him to think carefully before he did anything and that he was actually hoping Nick would save his family.

Victor joined Ashley by Sabrina's statue and she reiterated that she was not going to dwell on the things that had been happening. She told him she wanted to go watch a movie but Victor said he needed to go out of town for business. It started to storm so they headed back inside.

Nikki ran into Nick at the mainhouse and asked if Victor was around. Nick said he went on a walk with Ashley so Nikki told him about seeing Ashley talking to the statue of Sabrina and how odd it was. Adam continued to watch and was happy Ashley wasn't completely off the edge. Nick asked if she was going to tell Victor and she wasn't sure. Nick told her Victor was going on a business trip but he'd look after Ashley and Adam quipped that he would too.

Jack listed off the things Billy had to do to prove he was serious about being with his family and growing up. Jack told him he was his brother and would always love him but if he wanted his respect again he would have to earn it. Jack got a call from Olivia that was obviously disturbing.

Sharon came home and ran into Chloe. Chloe told her Billy confessed everything and asked Sharon why him. Sharon gave some half assed excuse and asked Chloe to understand and brought up her and Billy being together on his wedding day to Chloe. Chloe acted like she'd been kicked in the gut and told Sharon she didn't care if Sharon was sorry and left.

Nick went home and Phyllis asked him what his decision was in regards to their marriage.

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Ashley runs into what looks like Sabrina telling her to stay away from Victor and screams.

Nick tells Sharon that he wants them, he wants her, he wants it all back.

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