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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Ok, I'm in love with nuKristina. I think I'm not supposed to be because she's all teenage angst, but she's so over the top with it and her fake flirtation to mess with Jason's head, that I just couldn't help but laugh and enjoy her. My only concern (which is always a problem when you SORAS) is that she seems a bit too old. If they aged Michael to 16 and Morgan to about 10 than Kristina should have been about 12, but I'm guessing she's closer to 14-15 and behaving older. So far, it's working for me.


Gee Jason, couldn't you tell Sonny and Carly that you knew where Michael was before leaving the hospital to get him? You know, less stress on Carly and all that.

I loved the Alexis/CarJax scene. I like that they seem to be making Alexis and Carly more tolerant of each other.

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Oh look, there are actual guests/patrons at The Haunted Star. Who knew!

Ok, I finally get why Lucky was so angry with Luke and why he felt Luke was such a hypocrite. It's because of the way Luke treated Nikolas and Laura when he first found out about that whole thing. Considering that Luke was allegedly running around on Laura, I can see Lucky's point.

I love how dismissive Helena is of Rebecca. As if she's a gnat that she's shooing away from her.

I thought I read the spoilers that Rebecca and Ethan were adopted siblings, so color me shocked and grossed out when they started playing tonsil hockey. Also, how gross is Rebecca since she and Nik did the deed in the stables and a few hours later she's making out with Ethan, while still wearing the same dress?

Oh those new hospital stairs. First they get young Emma, and now the pregnant Cs.