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General Hospital's Nancy Lee Grahn Reminisces on "Sexis"

MIchael Fairman recently caught up with one of my absolute favorite actresses ever, Nancy Lee "Julia Wainright Capwell Capwell Capwell" Grahn for Michael Fairman Soapsand the two recalled the  popular Sexis—Sonny and Alexis— pairing on General Hospital.

MICHAEL:  Of the men on “GH”, who would you like to see Alexis romantically linked with? What about an Alexis/Sonny redux?

NANCY : I don’t think there is anyone on the canvas right now for Alexis. I thought the most interesting time I had as an actor was working with Maurice Benard (Sonny). That was the most believable story for me, and it was how relationships really are. They are not perfect. They are complicated, and in life, sometimes one likes one more than the other. I don’t think Alexis was as ever connected to anyone as she was to Sonny. I think she gets him completely. They are not the love of each other lives romantically, but there is this bond that I would like to see explored more. I mean, they are not right for each other, but the depth of their relationship, I think is what is interesting. That was the most realistic relationship, but that was also the only time they explored a relationship with Alexis.

MICHAEL: I remember rooting for Sonny and Alexis!

NANCY : I have to say it was really popular. It was a ratings getter, if I recall. It’s because, we are both equally matched as actors being competent to work together. It was interesting. There was nobody dummied up or dummied down, and for a lot of reasons, it looked like this kind of relationship could happen and I liked the complexity of it.

Sigh. Once upon a time when GH was good!

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