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Days of Our Lives Spoilers

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It’s a sad, sad time on Days of Our Lives. The death of a child is always heart breaking, and this week’s episodes will be no exception. What else is in store? Chelsea returns to Salem briefly before leaving for good, taking Max with her, Victor shakes off the grumpy-old-man persona for an episode or two and invites Brady back into the Kiriakis fold, and the noose starts to tighten even more around Nicole after Grace’s death. All this and more on the Preview from Denial Island (June 8 – 12).


Sami/EJ/Rafe: Daniel tries to prepare Sami for the inevitable. Grace isn’t going to get better. Sami goes into denial, but Roman and Caroline arrive at the hospital to give her moral support. When Grace passes, both Sami and Rafe are with her, and I recommend you have the tissues ready. Afterwards, Sami pushes Rafe away when he tries to comfort her. EJ knocks on her door and Sami tells him the truth about Grace being his child. Fireworks ensue. At the funeral home, EJ and Rafe run into each other and EJ takes the opportunity to let off some steam by punching Rafe. Sami interrupts the punching and EJ starts yelling at her instead. EJ spends a few minutes alone with Grace, and again, keep those tissues handy. Back at the apartment, Sami finally tells Will the truth, who doesn't react well to having been lied to once again.

Nicole/Stefano: Stefano keeps what he knows about the baby switch quiet from EJ - he's more concerned with making sure Owen doesn't implicate EJ in Stephanie's kidnapping. This doesn’t stop Nicole from worrying EJ will go to jail for it though, or is she more concerned about being left home alone with Stefano without the protection of EJ, when he knows all of her baby-switching secrets? When Nicole learns about the death of the baby she helped deliver, she feels even more guilt over the baby switch.  How will she look Mia in the face now?

Oh the angst! The angst is back! Chloe and Daniel want to be together but there’s pesky little ring on Chloe’s finger and the matter of some vows she made to Lucas keeping them apart. Oh, and don't forget the “if you let Lucas live, I’ll marry him” promise Chloe made after that gas explosion at Daniel’s apartment. Never mind that though, when Chloe finds out Lucas knew Grace was Sami’s child and didn’t tell her, suddenly what’s good for the goose ain’t so good for the gander. How could Lucas keep such a big secret from Chloe? I don’t know, Chloe, but look what happened after he told you Sami was pregnant in the first place! You told Nicole! Let’s not forget the whopper of a secret you’re keeping from Lucas. So get over your indignation and fast.

Kate/Daniel: Kate continues with Operation Revenge. She meets with Daniel under false pretenses – he's still feeling bad about losing Grace so he doesn’t cotton on to Kate’s ulterior motives. She tells him she wants him on her tv talk show as their medical expert – hmm, throwing him and Chloe together more often... enjoy the pretty.

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Chelsea/Max: On Wednesday Chelsea returns and immediately finds Max. They have a sweet reunion before leaving Salem forever together on Thursday.

In Other, Shorter Storylines:

  • Victor gives Caroline comfort after Grace’s death, then pays Stefano a visit where he makes veiled threats against Sydney
  • Rafe runs into Nicole at the hospital and thinks her distress over Grace’s death unusual.
  • Mia comforts Will over Grace’s death. I wonder how she’ll feel when she discovers Grace was her child?

Coming Up Next Week (June 15 – 19):

  • A DiMera/Kiriakis truce on the horizon?
  • EJ wants full custody of Johnny
  • Melanie is very interested in the newest Horton to return to Salem

That's it for this week. As always, leave me a comment with your thoughts, or come join us in the TFO Days forum. Don't forget to check out our DaysDaily Recaps by Susan!

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