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The Young and the Restless Daily Recap

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Adam Brilliantly Cons Ashley:

Adam tried to get Ashley to wake up as Nikki continued to knock on the door and call out for her. Gotta say Adam's arms look great in that dress but let me get back on track here. Adam picked her up, apologizing to her the whole time, and carried her upstairs.


Adam put Ashley into bed and stripped out of the gown he was wearing. Unfortunately for me he had a tank top less opportunity for shirtlessness but I digress. Nikki called and left a message on the machine that she was tryiing to check on Ashley but no one was answering and she was going to use her key to come in.

Adam dropped some cloth to cover the blood on the floor and came to meet Nikki. She told him she needed to see Ashley and Adam said Jack took her out to dinner. Nikki asked him to tell Ashley she came to check on her and left. Adam started to clean up the blood and kept apologizing for what he'd done blaming it on Victor and Jack. He heard Ashley call out for help upstairs and ran to meet her.

Nikki walked into the club and saw Jack and Mary Jane headed up the stairs and looked confused since Adam said Jack was with Ashley.

Adam came to Ashley's room and she said she fell down the stairs. Adam tried to convince her she'd been in bed the whole time but she started screaming that she was losing the baby. Ashley said there was no way it was a dream when it was hurting that bad. Adam said sometimes the body reacts like dreams were real and reminded her that she was just at the hospital and they said she was fine. Adam offered to call Olivia but Ashley said no. He offered to call a different doctor and she said that was fine she just needed to get some rest.

Adam burned the bloody clothes just as Ashley came downstairs and said it wasn't a dream. He asked her what she was doing out of bed and she flashed back to seeing Adam dressed as Sabrina and falling down the stairs. He continued to play dumb but she asked him what he'd done to her. 

Nikki stopped Jack on his way out and asked if he took Ashley home. He didn't know what she was talking about and Ashley played it off like there was nothing going on. 

Nikki called and left a message for Adam asking what he was doing lying to her about Ashley's whereabouts and asked where she was.

Ashley asked Adam how she ended up in a different nightgown. Adam said he could see why she was so upset but asked if she fell down the stairs wouldn't there be some evidence of it and said if she'd fallen down the stairs he would have called an ambulance. Adam continued to try and convince her it was all a dream but she still wasn't convinced. He made a very convincing Freudian argument about why she would have had the dream she had and felt the pain with it. I may have actually bought it myself. She said it was possible but it felt so real. Adam said he would have his doctor friend come over in the morning and prove to her that she was ok. She headed back upstairs and Adam looked wracked with guilt. 

Faux-Aucker and Real Aucker Wreak Havoc:

Victoria was on the phone talking to someone about an art dealer who wanted to meet with her that night. There was a knock on the door and she said that must be him and she'd try to stall him. Faux-Aucker came in giving a different name of course and introduced himself to her.

Daniel couldn't find Faux-Aucker in the mugshot books and told real Aucker he wanted to catch this guy. Daniel told him he totally believed he was the real Aucker until the last phone call threatening his friends and asked the agent what the next step was. Aucker told him he wanted Daniel to take a polygraph test.

Victoria said it wasn't normal for her to conduct business in her home late at night but he intrigued her. When she asked to see the painting he told her he had some conditions first such as her keeping it secret. She told him she didn't operate under a shroud of secrecy but he was insistant. There was a knock on the door and Jana was the guest. Faux-Aucker turned around and saw Jana and stopped mid-speech. Jana recognized the painting of course and stood in silence. Victoria then returned and asked why he thought the Newman Foundation would ever buy stolen property.

Daniel said he would take the test because he had nothing to hide. Aucker said it was suspicious because the only people who had met this supposed criminal were Daniel and his friends. Aucker told him to call and set up the polygraph and then they would talk.

Victoria once again asked about the stolen painting and Jana suggested they call the police. She started to do so but he said he knew it was stolen but wanted to get it back out into the open. Victoria said she needed to think and Faux-Aucker told Jana if she said anything about it being a forgery he would make sure Daniel couldn't pick up a paint brush again.

Victoria asked what the price was and he said one hundred thousand dollars. She said that was a lot of money and he said that the deal was only good for one night. Jana made a convincing argument for her to buy it. Victoria asked him to leave it there so one of their curators could look at it but he said the painting had to stay with him. Victoria finally agreed to the deal.

Faux-Aucker told Victoria she had twenty-four hours to get the money and told her he wanted to meet in the alley behind the tavern with no police. She agreed and Jana looked nervous and told Victoria the guy could be legit. Victoria told her no way though and said she was calling the feds.

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Real Aucker came over to talk to Victoria and they talked about her wearing a wire to trap the guy. He promised her there would be back-up in case anything went wrong.

Jana filled Daniel in on what was happening and Jana said they should call the real Aucker. He said no because the agent already thought he was in on it. Daniel said he needed to get the painting back and prove his innocence. Jana was afraid of the danger but he couldn't think of another idea. 

Phyllis Makes Mary Jane's Hit List as Nick and Sharon Eat Cookies:

Nick and Sharon laid in bed and talked about how it felt right being together with no hiding or feeling ashamed and having to explain things. Sharon asked if she was dreaming and Nick kissed her.

Jack was getting dressed and Phyllis said that was surprising. He asked her if she had any regrets and she said no, then asked Jack and he said no way either. Phyllis said she gave it a good try but she wasn't enough. Jack told her not to talk like that but she said it was true. Jack told her that things looked bleak but he wasn't giving up hope things would work out for both of them.

Mary Jane cut out a picture of Phyllis and flashed back to seeing her making love to Jack. She then put it on the same page as Victor and Sharon of her scrapbook listed as my enemies. And the nut job gets crazier and crazier. I bet that padded cell Kevin was in is still available, but they probably have a no dead kitty clause. 

Sharon asked what Nick was thinking and he said that he couldn't wait to start their life together with their baby and he knew the baby was his. Sharon said as happy as she was she couldn't help but think about Phyllis and Nick said he hated that she was suffering. Sharon then started worrying about Jack and Nick said he'd always be grateful to Jack for taking care of her when he couldn't. Aww what a stand up guy..not.

Phyllis thanked Jack for being there for her and he said anytime because she's a wonderful woman he just hoped Nick came to his senses and realized that. She told him he was an incredible man and asked what he was going to do. He said he was going to fight for Sharon and suggested she fight for Nick unless she was sick of his immaturity. I think Jack was reading all of our minds on that one. They hugged and he told her to call if she needed anything and left. Phyllis looked at her wedding band and flashed back to her vows with Nick.

Mary Jane ran into Jack at the bar and bought him a drink. Mary Jane told him she was thinking about going home and Jack said it would be a huge loss for Jabot so to let him know what she decided. She asked if there was anything she could do to make his day better and he said it helped to see a friendly face. She offered for them to go up to her room and he agreed.

Daniel went over to see Phyllis and asked if she was ok. She told him that Nick left her to go back to Sharon. He said he was sorry and Phyllis said it was ok she was fine but then admitted that she didn't want her marriage to be over. Daniel hugged her and said if Amber left him and he was totally heart broken what would she say to him. He said she would tell him to fight and not give up till he made things right and if she still wanted Nick she should fight for him. She said he was right and hugged him.

Jack started to talk about business but Mary Jane told him to stop because she wanted to play a game and forget about the outside world. Jack asked what the rules were so she laid him on the bed and blindfolded him and pulled out some scissors and ran them along his face and neck before cutting off the blindfold. Then she stripped off her dress and she and Jack started to have sex. Dang Jack-o's having quite the night of naughty activities.

Mary Jane asked if Jack would stay the night but he said he couldn't. She said maybe she'd stay in town after all but Jack told her not to change anything on his account. He started to leave and she asked him what the rush was. He kissed her cheek, told her he'd see her, and left. 

Nick and Sharon talked about their past and how it was the best time of their lives as they ate milk and cookies. Sharon thanked him for being so brave in bringing them back together and said she'd never loved anyone like she loved him and he told her he loved her too and had never stopped.

Phyllis showed up and told Jack she had to talk to Nick but Jack told her now wasn't the right time. She asked if he thought Nick and Sharon were together right now and Jack told her they had to let it go for now and offered to take her home. Mary Jane watched them leave obviously angry.

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JT walks in on Victoria talking to Agent Aucker who it putting a wire on her

Adam blackmails the doctor with apparent sexual assault allegations

Jack goes to see Phyllis and hugs her as Mary Jane lurks in the bushes