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Bradford Anderson: "You Need Someone to Root For"

Braford Anderson (Damian Spinelli, General Hospital) sat down with TVGuide Magazine to dish on Spixie, his Emmy nomination and his not-so-classic soap stud looks.


Let’s face it, you’re not exactly one of the perfectly chiseled, runway-gorgeous, cookie cutter guys we see all over soaps, so a lot of folks are surprised at your success.

I’d be the first to get in that line! Yes, it is a surprise. When my manager told me I had an audition for GH I thought it was the most ridiculous thing ever. [Laughs] I was like, “Yeah, right. That’ll happen.” But look at us now!

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So are we selling the soap audience short? The rabid legions of Spinelli fans suggest that viewers want more than your standard pretty boys.

Our audience is looking for characters they can get behind. If it happens to be this stunningly beautiful couple, great. If it happens to be this quirky little guy who struggles through life a little bit, that’s great, too. You need someone to root for, and hopefully my character has become that.