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Catherine, Heather and That Other Girl at the Webby Awards

Catherine and Heather, stars of Imaginary Bitches, took a stand against discrimination towards imaginary performers at the recent Webby Awards.The You Tube divas costar, Eden Something or Other, won the People's Voice Webby Award, but Catherine and Heather received absolutely nothing for all the hard work they did last year! I totally sympathize with the girls. Eden Riegel once stole an award from me as well...

This is just like when Macauley Culkin was paid $20,000 bucks for the first Home Alone, which made the studio a bazillion dollars. Catherine and Heather should walk off the set! Did Andrew Miller present them with imaginary Mercedes Benz after the first successful season of the show? No. Did he offer to make one of them his imaginary mistress and put her up in an imaginary condo in Malibu, complete with a Sri Lankan houseboy for when he can't get away from that pesky Eden? No.

Did Catherine or Heather get the opportunity to star in a comedy with Jack Black or have their faces on that IB DVD Miller's selling? No. They didn't even get a sex tape with Greg Rikaart for crying out online! This is just wrong and Eden Riegel and Andrew Miller know it by the Power of Greyskull!

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When are imaginary performers going to get to sit at the front of the bus? If you want to know why I am so particularly incensed, it's because I have a confession to make... I don't really exist. I am but a mere figment of Luke Kerr's imagination. FIGHT THE POWER!