Could Lauralee Bell Reunite With Thom Bierdz on The Young and the Restless?


In an interview, with Michael Fairman, Lauralee Bell talks about Maria Arena Bell's decision to bring Thom Bierdz back to The Young and the Restless and teases the possibility of her reuniting with former co-star onscreen.


MICHAEL: Are you happy the show brought him back, with a potential for him to be part of a gay storyline?

LAURALEE: I am so glad Maria Arena Bell (co-executive producer and head writer, “Y&R”) is bringing him back, and hopefully, it should be a storyline where everyone learns from it. I wish Thom could get married to a man on the show. It would be so great. We need that.

MICHAEL: Are you considering returning to “Y&R”? Now, seems like the perfect time!

LAURALEE: Of course it’s possible, when you bring back Thom Bierdz and Tricia Cast (Nina)…

Would you like to see a Thom Bierdz, Tricia Cast and Lauralee Bell reunion?