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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Is it evil of me that I actually laughed as CarDia fell down the stairs? It just looked so silly and unrealistic that I just couldn't help myself.


I'm glad Carly's not losing her baby (assuming nothing else happens after this) because as much as Jax says the word "baby" now, imagine how often he'd say it if she lost it.

I like that Jason was smart enough to enlist Sam's help in dealing with Kristina, but I had to laugh at the speed in which Sam got to Alexis' house. Where was she, in the car in the driveway?

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Ok, so my Kristina love train lasted until today. She became an annoying teen with all the whining and complaining about Jason and I just wanted Sam to shake some sense into her. Also, when she told Sam the "friend at the club drinking" story, I so wanted Sam to call her on her crap. Something along the lines of "honey, I'm a professional con woman and you little girl are no me".

Michael's another one that I want to smack. No Michael, you're mother did not throw herself down the stairs to manipulate you. At this point, I just want Carly to wash her hands of him (not literally of course) just to see what his reaction will be to that. Snot nosed teenager!

My head hurts from this incredibly lame Ethan/Rebecca nonsense. She finds out she had a twin, who went on to great fortune and decides she wants that fortune and will run a con? Never mind that the twin lost her mother at 11 and then was murdered herself. Wouldn't she have gotten the money from the Q's much quicker is she came to town and played the Emily-sympathy card? I've always hated fake flashbacks, especially when both parties look exactly the same as they currently do.

I so desperately want Ric to spill the beans that he might be the devil's child's father, then hand over the DVD that he's had all along just to see Sonny's head explode when he realizes that Claudia is a lying liar. After that I want to see Ric and Skye drinking pina coladas on a beach somewhere, while Lila-Rae and Molly frolick in the waves. Is that too much to ask?