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Countdown Til the Doc and LUCY COE Reunion in Oakdale!

Chris Goutman and Barbara Bloom are the smartest, most awesomest, most fetch, spiral-perm-wearingist peeps (Babs, not Chris) in the SOAPYVERSE! I take back every nasty, shortsided word I ever said about these two brilliant, creative soap operatic minds, for one reason and one reason only—LUCY COE!  Now that those darling, non-soap opera slayers are bringing my Lynn Herring aka LUCY COE (her name must be said in all caps at all times. It's only fitting for a soap character diety) to As The World Turns, all is forgiven! This must be how it feels when Kim and Barbara have a truce, or Emily and Margo share a moment.


What???? Shut up. I SAID SHUT UP! Oh, I bet you're wondering what's going on.  No Stenbeck hasn't slipped me a mind-altering mickey, that pesky Luke Kerr keeps telling me her name won't be LUCY COE on As The World Turns, and that she'll actually be Henry's (Trent Dawson) gold-digging, MILF of a mother. Well, that's all very well and good, but to me she will be LUCY COE—librarian-turned-trophy wife-turned-cosmetics queen-turned vampire slayer!

I have been waiting for Lucy to reunite with her Doc (Jon Lindstrom, who played Kevin opposite Herring on General Hospital and Port Twilight) for a dog's age. And before anyone asks, yes, yes, a thousand times YES I want to see if this particular lightening can be caught in a bottle again. I know, I say it can't be done, but what do I know? My favorite soap died in 1993. I'm just sticking around for the announcement of the garage sale in Burbank so I can get Bo and Hope's Christmas tree ornaments.  (Cue Debbie Downer's womp, womp)

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Oh the catching up Doc and LUCY COE have to do! Wait till he fills her in on how Livvie won Dancing With The Stars ,and now looks for bad guys in clothes that accentuate her pert bosoms, or how Caleb now prevents rapemances and frat boy killing sprees, without even using his fangs or anything (Athough they would make him less snoretastic)!

I wonder how LUCY COE will feel when she spies that nasty Eve Lambert (Julie Pinson) roaming about calling herself Juicy Janet! I can't wait to see LUCY COE hunting down vampires through the streets of Oakdale, USA. wearing abtastic get ups. Hopefully that boy holding the handy cam can get a good shot at that 18 pack. Maybe LUCY COE will drive a stake through Karen, er Meg's (Marie Wilson) heart? I bet Sigmund is gonna LOVE Snyder Pond. Let's hope Emma doesn't run out of fried chicken though...LONG LIVE LUCY COE!!!!!!!!!!!