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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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I'm glad Sonny bought a clue and realized that Ric hanging around Claudia means that there's a possibility that Ric is the baby's daddy. Although I think he only came to that realization after talking to Olivia. He's not the sharpest knife in the drawer, that one!


I am so very tired of Claudia and her giant alligator tears. Sometimes I wonder if Sarah Brown has a massive crying headache by the time she gets home at the end of her day because I don't think there's been a day yet where Claudia wasn't crying about something.

I liked the Michael/Carly hug, but I get the feeling that will be the last nice gesture we see from him for awhile.

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I liked the Kristina/Alexis scene, however brief it was. I think it's good casting because Kristina looks a lot like both Alexis and Sam.

I hate everything Rebecca and why Nikolas is falling for her schtick is beyond me. Why did they have to write it that Paige sold one of the twins? Why couldn't they have written it that one of the twins was kidnapped or taken from the park and never recovered or something like that? I can't picture Luke cheating on Laura during those days and I can't picture Paige not telling Monica the truth on her deathbed.

Speaking of Neb, why did I have to suffer through that eternally long sex scene in the stable, yet my Scrubs couple gets two seconds of kissing on the couch and then two seconds of afterglow on the floor? Heck, disgusting TeethBecca got more naked time yesterday than my reconnecting happily married couple!

Where's Matt?