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General Hospital Spoilers!

Here’s the Scoop! 06.10.09

Medical Malpractice… Diane tells Matt, Patrick and Robin that the family of the Mayor’s mistress, Brianna Hughes, is suing mad. Is Patrick named in the lawsuit as well? The RUMORS say yes. Is Diane the Hughes Family attorney? I guess with all the mob activity at a standstill, she needs to work. Alexis tries to get her BFF to drop the case at the Mayor’s request. Diane wants to know why Alexis would listen to the Mayor. Will Patrick slip up and give Diane some information she needs for her lawsuit?


Drunken Matt… Remember the RUMORS that Lucky would be falling off the wagon and turning to the bottle? COULD it be that those RUMORS got mixed up with Matt’s story? They wouldn’t do two chemical dependency stories at the same time would they? RUMOR has it Matt uses alcohol to numb the pain of his medical mishap. Will he hit on Maxie in a drunken stupor? Will he start a fight with Spinelli?

How does the Mayor’s wife fit in to all of this? She wants this to be as scandal –less as possible. She suggests to Patrick that they should settle the malpractice suit out of court. But at what cost to Patrick or Matt would that be?

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Another hit gone wrong? Well whenever Claudia is the one ordering the hit you know odds are something will go bust. Remember I mentioned last week that Jason is Claudia’s next intended target. She needs that thorn in her side gone. The hit is ordered and set to take place during a mob meeting. Too bad for Claudia, Sonny sends Johnny with Jason. Will Johnny get caught in the crossfire? Will Sonny be the one to save Jason? I always thought Johnny and Jason would be a great working duo.

How much will Michael remember? Are Claudia’s days numbered? Will Michael remember her bedside confessions and use that information to his advantage?

Ric Lansing… Usually up to nothing good and with his time dwindling down what’s Ric’s story. Is the baby his? Will he make a mistake? Can Ric ever one up Sonny? Ronnie Marmo has been cast on GH but no word on who he’s playing. He cannot be Dante, too old IMO but COULD he be a recast of Ric? Unless the paternity is revealed before he exits, I can’t see this story working without Ric. Yes, I would prefer Hearst in the role but that ship has sailed. Could Marmo be the new Ric? THIS is MY SPECULATION… but discuss away… NOW, Hearst himself says the door was left open for a Ric return.

CRAZY and RANDOM RUMORS… Will Morgan be injured? I thought Sam was Spinelli’s PI partner? Why is Maxie the one working on a case with him? Is Sam on the case of the Mayor and his mistress? Is more death coming to Port Charles? Who will NotEmily be with in the end? The conman or the prince? Is Sonny falling for his wife? How long can Jax keep his secret? Dare I say it… more airtime for the Q’s? Is there going to be more to this NotEmily – Jason stuff? Will we ever learn who fathered Sam McCall? Someone MAY be interested in that one. Will Alexis get a little love in the afternoon? If she does, can he not be a mobster or a sociopath?