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The Young and the Restless Daily Recap: Heartbreak After Heartbreak

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Before I start the recap I have to rant a bit. I've been trying to stay unbiased in this whole Nick/Sharon/Phyllis/Jack debacle but Nick is pushing my last nerve. First he left Sharon for Phyllis while Noah was at an age in his life where he needed stability. Now Nick is leaving Phyllis for Sharon while Summer is at an age in her life where she needs stability. I don't think he really cares or has concern for anyone's needs but his own. If he and Phyllis hated each other then I would say yeah get a divorce because your kid shouldn't be around all the hostility. But the fact that he still has feelings for Phyllis makes me sick about what he's doing. Sorry if that bothers the Schick fans because I don't begrudge you the right to root for them if you want, that's just my personal rantings. I will say however that even though he irritates me that boy is 100% more likeable when he has his shirt off *wink*. So now that I have that off my chest hehe lets get on with the recap.

Today was a day of endless heartbreaks on The Young and the Restless as couples were torn apart, a baby was lost, and a child starts showing the signs of being traumatized by her parents impending divorce.

Nick/Sharon/Jack/Phyllis/ and MJ the Stalker Loon Benson:

Sharon woke up in bed and Nick was gone. He walked out in a towel and kissed her hello. I have to say even though the character makes me cranky the boy pulls off the towel look like a pro. Sharon said that Jack was probably worried and wondering why she hadn't come home but Nick said Jack had to know what was going on. She asked Nick if he had any regrets and he said no but he hated that Phyllis was in so much pain and hoped in time she'd forgive him.

Phyllis woke up on the couch and found Jack on the chair. She said she'd hoped the past twenty-four hours was a bad dream but thanked Jack for staying with her. Phyllis realized JT would be over any moment with Summer so Jack got ready to leave. She told him he was a good man and he said only when he wasn't being bad, told her to take care, and left. Mary Jane lurked behind some hay bales and said that if Phyllis thought she could steal her man just because her marriage was in trouble she should think again.

Mary Jane went to talk to Phyllis and faked concern. She came in and complimented Summer on her picture. Summer went upstairs to get a doll and Mary Jane said she was adorable. Phyllis asked her if she had kids and Mary Jane said no which was good because she didn't want to raise kids alone. Phyllis said she wasn't looking forward to that either and confessed that Nick left her. The doorbell rang and Nick was at the door. Summer came downstairs excited to see him which honestly broke my heart and made me hate Nick even more then I do at the moment.

Sharon met up with Jack at the club and she figured out that Phyllis told him. At first Sharon acted like she was actually going to get all self righteous towards Phyllis but said she understood why she did it. She said she knew everyone was going to judge her but the only opinions she cared about were his and Noah's and she couldn't handle it if he hated her. He said he couldn't hate her because he loved her and always would.

Mary Jane told Phyllis not to give up on her marriage yet and Phyllis told her she'd see her at the office before Mary Jane left. Phyllis came back in and suggested Summer take Molly back upstairs. After she was gone Nick said he felt it was important for Summer to see him everyday. Summer's school teacher showed up to meet with Phyllis and said she was a fan of Phyllis' column and wished she had her own love story like their's to tell.

Sharon asked how Jack could still love her, which is a good question, but he said there was no reasoning with the heart. He said if he had it his way they would get married and raise the kid together and it hurt that it wasn't going to happen but it would do no good to punish her for it and he didn't want to drive her out of his life. She said she felt horribly guilty but he told her not to because he saw how she handled guilt. He said he knew there was a chance she'd go back to Nick but tried anyways. He did say however, that if the baby was his there was no way he'd let another man be father to his kid and she said she would never do that to him. Just then the baby kicked and she put his hand on her stomach to feel it which you could see broke his heart. She thanked him for understanding and he told her to take care of herself before leaving obviously heartbroken.

The teacher told Phyllis and Nick that Summer was very creative and Summer took her upstairs to show her the doll house. Phyllis said she thought they were the perfect couple too and Nick admitted he still had feelings for her. Now it could be just me but I still felt the heat and spark between them in that moment like he wanted to kiss her or something...but I digress. She said this was a mistake and Nick asked her if she wanted him to go. She said yes and that she would explain it to Summer. He asked if there was anything he could say that would help but Phyllis said there were no magic words. As he was leaving Mary Jane lurked behind the hay bales again and sniped at the birds to shut up. Summer came back downstairs and asked where Nick was. Phyllis said he'd be back and told her to draw him a picture. The teacher told Phyllis that Summer had been acting out lately at school and asked if there had been any major changes in her life. The teacher suggested therapy if it continued but Phyllis said they'd work it out. Summer left with the teacher to go to school and a lurking Mary Jane said Phyllis blew it. She ducked back behind the bales when Jack showed up and instantly hugged Phyllis.

Nick came back to Sharon's room and she asked if he talked to Phyllis. He said yes but it would be better if Phyllis was more angry and not in so much pain. He asked about her talk with Jack and she said he was very supportive until he felt the baby kick and realized he may not be a part of the child's life. She said the baby would kick again and when it did things wouldn't seem so horrible and they started to kiss.

Jack and Phyllis sat on the couch and commisserated. He told her about feeling the baby kick and Phyllis was heart broken for him. He wondered if he deserved that and she said she wondered the same thing. Just then the bird that Mary Jane was getting irritated with came crashing through the window.

As JT was leaving his house he caught Mary Jane fleeing and told her she wasn't leaving until she told him who she was and what she was doing there.

Victoria and Daniel Both Head Out to Catch Faux-Aucker:

Daniel was on the phone with Jana telling her that he couldn't let Faux-Aucker sell the painting and he was going to check out the alley before the transaction. Amber came home and Daniel tried to leave but she kissed him and told him he wasn't going anywhere.

Real Aucker was putting the wire on Victoria when JT came home and saw them in a semi-compromising position.

JT asked why Victoria was wearing a wire but Agent Aucker got a call before he could explain. While he was on the phone Victoria filled him in and JT wasn't happy about her being involved and told her she wasn't doing it no matter how good the cause was.

Daniel pulled away and said he had to go out and get supplies. She told him it seemed like he didn't want to be with her and he said it wasn't true. She told him to go get his supplies and they could celebrate later. He asked her what they were celebrating and she said it was her living her dream and said she designed something for his eyes only. She opened her coat to show lingerie which led to more kissing.

Victoria tried to ease JT's mind about the situation but he wasn't convinced and said he wasn't letting his wife go into danger but she said it was her life and her decision.

Daniel and Amber laid in the afterglow of making love and talked about how there was a time when Kevin was going nuts that they weren't sure they were going to make it. She told him all she wanted during that time was to get back to him and he told her how worried he was. She told him all their dreams were happening but Daniel knew better.

JT asked Victoria to trust him because he didn't want to lose her. She told him fear was no reason to not do something and said Sabrina felt the same way. She also said Sabrina would say if you stand for nothing then you'll fall for everything. JT asked why she wouldn't put her family first and she assured him she'd be perfectly safe. He said one of the things he admired most about her was her courage but it scared the crap out of him. She said if there was any sign of danger she'd get out of there and JT said he was going to make sure by being there.

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Victoria and JT talked to Reed on the phone and told him they loved him before getting ready to leave. Victoria left first with Agent Aucker and JT said he'd be right behind them. She told him not to worry because she was going to be fine and she left. 

Daniel snuck out of bed looking fine all shirtless and left the apartment. Gotta say it's not even my birthday and I got two shirtless hotties for the price of one..must be a Naughty Nicki holiday or something. Amber knew he was sneaking out though and wondered what he was up to. She called someone and said she needed to see them right away because she thought there was trouble.

Victor Comes Through for Adam as Adam Covers Up His Misdeeds:

Victor met with a doctor about a contract to help Adam. Meanwhile Adam checked on Ashley who said her cramps were better but she was pretty tired. She said she'd probably feel better once Victor was home. Adam asked when he'd be back and she told him tomorrow. She said she felt weird because she didn't feel the baby as much and Adam flashed back to her falling down the stairs. She asked if the doctor was coming and wanted to make sure it wasn't Olivia. Adam assured her it wasn't and told her to go upstairs while he let the doctor in. But it wasn't the doctor at the door it was Nikki. She confronted him about lying about Ashley's whereabouts the night before and asked why he lied to her. He tried to brush it off but she told him to save it and said she wanted to see Ashley right away.

Adam told Nikki Ashley wasn't feeling very well and said she had a nightmare that shook her up. Nikki started to head upstairs and found a towel on the floor. Adam flashed back to wiping up the blood on the floor as Nikki handed it to him without seeing the blood on it. The doorbell rang again and it was the doctor that time. Adam let him in to go check on Ashley.

Ashley came downstairs to talk to the doctor and Nikki seemed skeptical about it since Adam set it up. She asked about his credentials which he gave to her without hesitation.

Victor signed the contracts to go into business with a company that could help Adam regain his sight. Victor said Adam had suffered enough and it was time for him to get what he deserved.

The doctor told Ashley that the baby was fine and her blood pressure was good. Nikki said she thought Ashley was running a fever and he said that was normal. He pulled out some Diazepam for Ashley to take which Nikki didn't think was wise. He said small doses wouldn't hurt the baby and told her to call him if she had any worries. The doctor said he was going to go say goodbye to Adam and Nikki told Ashley she thought she should have Olivia come give her a second opinion but Ashley wasn't for it. Adam asked if the doctor put Ashley's mind at ease. The doctor told him Ashley did have a miscarriage and how Adam convinced her otherwise he'd never know. Adam told him not to take the moral high ground with him and reminded him about what he'd done to Adam's friend Skye and her friends, sexually assaulting them. The doctor said he wouldn't tolerate blackmail but Adam said if the doctor wanted to keep his tenure he'd do exactly what Adam told him to do.

Adam asked if they were clear on everything and the doctor started to argue with him but changed his tune when Nikki entered the room. After the doctor left Nikki asked Adam where the staff was and he said he'd given them the night off. She said she'd be back later to check on Ashley and he said she didn't need to do that because he was perfectly capable of doing so. Nikki left and called Victor leaving him a message to call her about Adam and Ashley.

Ashley was excited looking at baby clothes and said the only thing that mattered was the baby was ok and that she really liked the doctor. She told Adam she owed him for his support and he said he was glad he got her through it. Victor came in and asked what they were talking about.

Victor asked what Adam helped Ashley with and she said it was her missing him while he was away. Adam excused himself but eavesdropped as Ashley and Victor enjoyed their reunion. Victor started talking to the baby which was heartbreaking. There seemed to be a lot of that going on today.

Coming up tomorrow....

Billy asks Mac if she feels the same way she felt back then.

Phillip III lookalike tells Cane over the phone that Nina will do a little sniffing around and then give up.

JT calls out to Victoria just as a bunch of crates fall on her head.

Question for the day...

What is the most heartbreaking thing that happened on the show today?

A.) Seeing how much Summer loves her daddy Nick and hearing how the problems with him and Phyllis have affected her.

B.) Jack feeling the baby kick knowing there's a definite chance he won't be able to help raise he or she.

C.) Seeing Phyllis' heart breaking over Nick leaving and seeing what it's doing to her daughter.

D.) Victor and Ashley continuing to fawn over a baby that no longer exists.

E.) other