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Wishful Casting: Hey Babs and Chris, Can Y'all Bring Back Mary Beth Evans as Sierra Too, Purty Please!?

Okay, now that the abtastic LUCY COE (Lynn Herring) is coming to As The World Turns, can you all just go right on ahead and put in a call to Mary Beth Evans to reprise her role as Sierra Esteban? Since Sierra is Craig's (Jon Lindstrom) ex-wife and LUCY COE is Doc's (Jon Lindstrom) ex-wife, and Mary Beth is my ex-wife, I mean, she was Katherine Bell on General Hospital and Lynn of course is now and forever, LUCY COE, it makes PERFECT sense for LUCY COE to have to battle some heffa looking like that clumsy, parapet-slipping Katherine Bell!


I swear on everything I hold dear, I will cut this soap some MAJOR slack if you do this Babs and Chris. Oh, but wait a minute...before I commit to letting my keypad write a check my behind can't cash, will you all at least attempt to WRITE A DAMN SOAP OPERA!

Enough with this three-day-a-week bull ish. If I wanted to watch an episodic I would catch a Law and Order re-run on TNT. Your experiment is NOT EFFING WORKING. You write a decent storyline for my LUCY COE and you bring back my Katherine Bell, er Sierra or I will lead a contigent to that Early Show, dressed in "Holden and Lily 4-Ever" t-shirts and stage a sit in!

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We will come prepared to. I will supply the bon bons, and some youngster who knows how to Facebook, tweet and toot, will be there documenting our every move, in case you all try anything fishy. Just go ahead and send a security guard after me why don'tcha! I will fall out on the ground as soon as his touches me yelping "HELP!" like a dog in heat until Gloria Alred shows up. Okay, so back to the point, Sierra +. LUCY COE= Major Love From Me. Now of course, that and a buck fifty will get you on the Subway, but I guess it counts for something.