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B&B Spoilers

Patrick Duffy
(Stephen Logan) and Robin Riker (Beth Logan) will be returning on June 24 and 25 for Bridget and Nick’s third marriage. As much as I like Ashley Jones, I can't say I'm too excited about them tying the knot again. Regarding Nick's "true love", Jack Wagner recently had this to say: "I would love to say I knew. I would say they are heading towards Bridget being his ultimate love, but I just don’t think that is the case. I think they are going to have to get back to Brooke one day." Preach it, Jack!


Rick Hearst’s first appearance as Whip will be on July 17. According to Hearst, his first episode back will result in a kiss between Whip and Brooke.

Ridge’s pill popping is going to lead to a confession (i.e. he’ll probably say, “I love you, Doc, I wish we were married” or some such tosh to Taylor). Eavesdropping Stephanie will wonder if his new feelings are down to the (un-prescribed) medication, but that won’t stop her meddling. She’ll continue to try and push Taylor and Ridge together, going so far as organising a romantic dinner for them. Taylor will blurt out her feelings to him, but how will Ridge react? All signs point to him and Taylor declaring their “love” to each other.

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Owen will be asking Bridget for a favour, but Nick will be trying to get him fired from Jackie M. Jackie will be caught between Nick and Owen. Owen will propose to Jackie and Nick will give her an ultimatum: choose him or me. Oh, puh-leeeease, Nick has been with Brooke, her daughter and her sister, where does he get off issuing ultimatums? Before he proposes, it looks like Owen could resign from Jackie M.

Pam and Donna are going to embark on a wacky adventure on June 17 and 18 to promote Forrester Creations. They’ll be appearing on The Price Is Right as contestants. I can’t imagine that FC’s key demographics will be watching TPIR, but whatever. Donna’s success won’t sit well with Pam.

Rick is going to try to prove himself to Steffy following her demand regarding their relationship. Marcus and Steffy will get closer as friends.

Katie will be drawn towards Bill Spencer.