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The Young and the Restless Daily Recap: Mary Jane Gets Nuttier and Nuttier!

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Nina's Inquiry:

Nina met Cane at Crimson Lights so she could ask him some questions.

Nina tried once again to get Cane to talk about Violet but he didn't have much to say. Nina kept pushing but realized that Cane didn't like talking about his childhood. So she changed her topic to Amber asking about his relationship with her when he first got to town. He asked why she was so interested in him if the movie was about Katherine. She said she had to go with the drama and joked that the movie could be about him.

Cane told Nina he preferred to keep the past in the past and Nina said if she didn't know any better she would think he had something to hide. He said he thought all her curiosity was because of her relationship with Phillip and she admitted she wanted to know where he came from since at one point he was her whole life. She said she had to keep trying if not for herself for her son. He said he didn't think she'd find much and Nina admitted she found the lack of information strange. Cane said it seemed they were talking in circles and left.

Paul was on the phone with someone thanking them for sending over the documents to him. Nina surprised him and congratulated him on his engagement. Nina then told him that she wanted to talk to him about Violet and he said that he didn't have much because she didn't leave much of a trail. He told her Cane went to live with a man named Langley after Violet died. Paul offered to dig up the old files and she thanked him for his help.

Cane called Phillip about Nina and he told him that she'd sniff around a bit and then give up. Cane was worried about losing the life that he built with Lily. Cane told Phillip that his wife had not forgotten about him.

Katherine Mentors Chloe as Billy Finally Breaks Mac:

Chloe went to see Billy. He asked where Delia was and said he missed her. Chloe said they would work something out and brought up all his misdeeds saying that is what he wanted after all. He said he hit bottom and wondered why she was pissed that he'd done what she asked him to do which was get his life together. She said she didn't want to feel like his parole officer she wanted to be the one that made him laugh which he was her. She brought up him sleeping with Sharon on their wedding day and told him if he said one more time that she knew what she was getting into she'd rip out his vocal chords. He asked her what he needed to do to get her back and she told him she didn't think there was any chance.

Chloe met up with Katherine at the club so she could talk to her about Billy. Chloe said if it was just her she would move on and put it behind her but with Delia in the mix she didn't want her to grow up without her daddy. Chloe then told Katherine that Billy could be the father of Sharon's baby. She said she felt kind of responsible for pushing him so hard and Katherine said Chloe couldn't walk around constantly worrying if Billy was cheating. Chloe said she was trying to be a better person and Katherine said she'd made a lot of mistakes but if she was trying to change Billy that would be her biggest mistake.

Billy went to Crimson Lights and ran into Mac who was looking at a scrapbook of their life together in the past. They reminisced about prom and their young love. He asked her why he never saw it before and she said she was saving it. He asked for when and she admitted she had it packed to take on their honeymoon. Mac brought up Delia and said she hoped Chloe would come around but Billy saw right through her. He asked her why she was doing this and bringing out the scrap book because it was sending him signals that were confusing to him.

Chloe asked Katherine if she thought people could change and she said yes if they were ready. Chloe said Billy told her he was ready but Katherine said it may be because she's withholding his daughter from him. Chloe admitted she may have been doing that but Billy deserved it because of the choices he'd been making. Katherine said she understood that kind of life because when she was drinking she did some horrible things such as taking baby Phillip from Jill. Katherine told Chloe that she didn't have control over this because nothing she did would make any difference.

Mac told Billy not to read too much into this. Billy said that scrap book was their love story and he said trying to get her to admit something was like pulling teeth. He asked her if she thought she was better than him because she denies it and he doesn't and said it didn't make her noble it made her a hypocrite. He told her to admit the truth, which he knew already because he could see it in her eyes, and asked her if she felt the same way she felt back then. Mac finally admitted it which pleased Billy.

Mac told him not to misinterpret it and he told her not to take it back. She said she wasn't because there was no point in hiding it from him. He said that's because he knew her better than anyone else. She said he used to but he said he still did. She said things were different now because he was married with a kid and she was engaged to Raul. She said neither of them were available but he amended that saying she was wrong.

Katherine brought up the serenity prayer with Chloe and she said she hated that prayer which made Katherine laugh. Katherine said it made sense to not focus on other people but on yourself and Katherine said that Chloe could work on her selfrespect. Chloe admitted that even though she told Billy they were done she wanted to run over and take it back. Katherine said she was going to act as her sponsor and if Chloe started feeling weak to call her.

Chloe showed up at Crimson Lights and saw Billy talking to Mac. She eavesdropped and heard him tell her that Chloe told him they were done so he was available. He also told Mac he should tell Raul and show him some respect because she couldn't hide her feelings. He ended by telling her he knew she'd do the right thing and left.

Chloe started to call Katherine to talk her down but changed her mind and followed after Billy.

Katherine joined Mac at her table and Mac said she wished she was impetuous, impulsive, and selfish because even though people like that aren't very happy they are for short periods of time and sometimes she thought it would be worth it. Katherine told her she knew she was still in love with Billy but that Billy hurt those who loved him the most and wasn't the kind of man she wanted.

And the Mary Jane Insanity Continues:

JT pulled Mary Jane into his house and tried calling Phyllis. Phyllis didn't answer and she said she had just come from there and was just sight seeing around the ranch. JT told her to just go and Mary Jane promised to not let it happen again.

Mary Jane returned to the club and Paul questioned her about the mysteries surrounding her and her finances. Paul asked her where she got the large cash flow and she quipped that her cat died and left her money making sure he knew it was none of his business. Paul brought up her fake credentials and what not and she snapped saying that the way he was prying into her life was the definition of a stalker.

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The Detective came to talk to Paul about Mary Jane and said she just filed a claim against Paul for stalking and harassment.

Meanwhile Mary Jane moped upstairs with her stuffed cat talking to it about being upset over Victor and Paul and Jack and Phyllis. She said she smashed a little bird which she promised to never do again after what she did to her kitty but said her kitty forgave her.

Faux-Aucker Meets his Maker....Hope it's Not a Forger (ha):

After Mary Jane left JT called Victoria and said he was on his way.

Agent Aucker told Victoria to call the art thief to get things rolling and she said that she didn't want to make a movie until JT got there. Just then Jana came in followed closely by Kevin and Amber who asked her what was going on. Aucker told Jana it better be a coincidence that they were there and left. Kevin and Amber asked her who that was.

Daniel went into the alley and called out for Faux-Aucker who came smugly to greet him. Daniel said he wanted his painting back and Aucker told him it was currently worth one hundred k. Daniel said he wasn't paying for it he was just going to take it. He moved towards Faux-Aucker who pulled a gun on him.

Jana filled in Kevin and Amber on the situation which led Amber to confront Agent Aucker. Amber told him that he needed to protect Daniel but the Agent was more interested in arresting him.

Faux-Aucker told Daniel to get out of there but he refused saying he didn't see him making a deal with Victoria over a dead body. Victoria called Faux-Aucker and said he was in the alley. Daniel continued to refuse to leave and Faux-Aucker told him it was his funeral.

Agent Aucker told Victoria that if Daniel was there even if he wasn't in cahoots with the thief he could either scare him away or get himself killed and Victoria had to do this right then. Victoria didn't think Daniel was involved criminally but agreed to go ahead with their plan.

Someone with a ski mask on snuck up behind Faux-Aucker and attacked him, shooting him, and leaving Daniel as the main suspect.

JT showed up and asked the Agent where Victoria was. The Agent told him she was making the deal and JT ran off to stop her. Amber told him to make sure Daniel was ok too.

Out in the Alley Daniel pushed the gun away and asked Faux-Aucker who did this. His reply was, "you did," and then he died.

Victoria called out to Faux-Aucker which Daniel heard and ran away. JT called out to Victoria and she told him she was ok until she saw Faux-Aucker dead on the ground and screamed. Just then a pile of crates fell on top of her.

JT pulled the crates off of her and found she was unconscious. As he was trying to get her to wake up the man in the ski mask grabbed the painting and the cash and ran away.

Agent Aucker came in calling for an ambulance which set Amber off thinking Daniel had been hurt. The Agent said there was no sign of Daniel and Jana asked about Victoria yelling at him that he said she'd be safe. He told them to stay there and ran out.

JT told Agent Aucker that if Victoria died he was going to come after him.

Jana, Amber, and Kevin returned to Daniel's apartment and found him hiding and he told them he was in serious trouble.

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Amber tells Daniel if he wants to leave town they could do it right now but a non-thrilled Daniel asked her if she could give it all up for him.

Heather asks Paul why this woman had become so important to him and he says he swears that he knows her from somewhere.

Victor asks Nikki what strange things and she responds that there was something very not right about that house last night.