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The Young and the Restless Daily Recap: The Real Agent Aucker Irritates Everyone!

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All of the stories kind of intermingled today so I'm making it one long recap of everything....Enjoy!

Today's Recap:

JT was pacing around the hospital room asking himself why he let her do this when Nikki came in and asked what happened. He filled her in about the where and the how but Nikki insisted he tell her the why.

Amber, Daniel, Kevin, and Jana all sat in the dark talking about the situation. Daniel admitted his plan probably wasn't the smartest thing in the world and let them know that Faux-Aucker had died. Kevin suggested they go somewhere safe but as they were leaving Agent Aucker showed up.

Paul and Heather sat down for drinks and talked about Paul's little trip to the police station. She asked him what happened and he told her that he dug into Mary Jane's past and found things that didn't add up and confronted her about them. Heather told him her advice was to leave Mary Jane alone but Paul said he couldn't do that.

Victor thanked Adam for looking after Ashley and Adam said he was happy to do it. Ashley came downstairs and looked off. Victor asked her what the matter was and Adam flashed back to Ashley falling down the stairs.

Ashley said she was ok but was just having a strange feeling like the one she'd had in her nightmare. Adam asked if she wanted some tea and she said yes. She assured Victor that she and the baby were just fine.

The doctor came in and said Victoria was conscious and seemed fine. They asked when they could take her home and the doctor said they had to be extra cautious because she'd had brain trauma before. After the doctor left they talked about when Victoria was in the coma and Nikki remembered she should call Victor. Victor said he'd be right there and told Ashley and Adam where he was headed and why and left.

Agent Aucker asked Daniel where he'd been that night and he said he was in the apartment working on a sketch. He asked why his friends showed up at the bar thinking he was there. Daniel asked if the agent had recovered the painting and Aucker said no and Victoria had been injured. He then told them Victoria was the only witness in a murder investigation and started making snide comments towards Daniel as if he knew he was guilty.

Agent Aucker continued to question the group with attitude and said he would uncover the fact that they were lying. After the agent left Amber told Daniel if he wanted to leave town they could right now. Amber and Kevin both said they wished they hadn't been kept in the dark and Jana tried to explain why they didn't tell them. Daniel finally decided he had to come clean and worry if they would believe him or not.

Paul told Heather what he'd checked out on Mary Jane and how it looked like before a couple of months ago she didn't even exist. He admitted this was all his own curiosity and he wasn't hired to investigate her. Heather asked why and he said he felt like he knew her from somewhere and had a connection to her. Mary Jane came down with a process server who served him with a restraining order. Heather pointed out it was only temporary but Mary Jane said it was in effect right then so he had to leave the club.

Victor asked JT why he let Victoria do this and why he wasn't with her. JT said he was delayed because he found Mary Jane prowling outside the house. Victor said JT had done nothing wrong but he would have a talk with Mary Jane about boundaries.

Adam flashed back to trying to convince Ashley she'd only dreamed about falling down the stairs but her being convinced she'd lost the baby. Ashley came into the room with tea and offered Adam some. He said he hoped Victoria was alright and she said she did too. She said she felt the baby kick and put his hand on her stomach to feel it which he pretended that he did.

Victoria was brought back into her room and Agent Aucker came into talk to her. He asked her what happened in the alley. She said she called out for Faux-Aucker and heard someone running from the alley and saw his body lying there. She said she was trying to run away when the crates fell on her. He asked if she saw anyone in the alley and she said no. JT, Victor, and Nikki came in and Victor asked who he was. Agent Aucker identified himself and Victor told him this wasn't the right time and asked JT to escort him out. Victor got her some water and asked if she talked to Nick. She said she would call him tomorrow and not to bother him.

JT told Agent Aucker he didn't want him anywhere near his wife and Aucker said it was a federal case and he would be talking to her again. JT made a threat though if he ever came near Victoria again. Daniel called Aucker and told him he'd meet him back at the crime scene.

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Adam had the doctor come back over and asked him how Ashley could possibly feel the baby kicking. He said that in her mind she's still pregnant so her body is helping to feed her delusion. Adam asked what they could do and the doctor said Adam had to stop this before it went any further. Ashley came in and asked the doctor what he was doing there.

The doctor told her he was just there for a follow-up to reassure her which she was pleased about.

Paul came to the hospital and asked about Victoria. They said she seemed fine but they were running some tests. He then told them about looking into Mary Jane's background and the restraining order she got against him. Victor asked him what he planned to do but the doctor interrupted them.

The doctor took everyone into Victoria's room and told them all she had a concussion but it wasn't life threatening.

Daniel told Agent Aucker that he had been in the alley trying to recover the painting and burn it. Aucker asked why he didn't let the authorities handle it and he said he freaked out because of Aucker's talk of arresting him. Aucker once again called Daniel an accomplice which Daniel insistently denied and accused him of killing the guy. Daniel told him about the guy in the ski mask. Aucker said that Daniel's fingerprints were on the murder weapon.

Daniel said that he just pushed it away so Faux-Aucker couldn't get to it. Aucker asked why he should believe Daniel and he said he would take the polygraph test. Aucker threw all four of their past crimes in their faces and said with all the evidence stacking up it didn't look good for Daniel.

The doctor told Victoria if she followed all the precautions she could go home. Victor and Nikki left and Paul stayed for a bit. Nikki asked Victor if Ashley was alright. He asked why she was concerned and she brought up Ashley talking to Sabrina's statue and said some strange things happened while he was gone. She explained what happened and her suspicions about Adam. Nikki then told him about the new doctor which Victor was suspicious of. Nikki told him that there was something about Adam she didn't trust.

The doctor examined Ashley and he said everything was exactly as it should be. Ashley left to get him some coffee and he told Adam if Victor found out he'd squash him like a bug. Adam told him to forget about Victor because he was the one who could destroy his career and life.

Paul and Nikki went to Crimson Lights and talked about the events of the day between Victoria and Mary Jane's antics. Nikki told him she hoped he was going to let this thing with Mary Jane go but he said he couldn't.

Mary Jane looked at a picture of Paul and asked him why he couldn't just leave it alone. She started to put the picture on her enemy page but said she couldn't because she didn't want to be enemies with him.

Aucker got a call from the hospital and said Victoria was going to be fine. He told them not to leave town and Daniel said he was telling the truth. Aucker said he hoped so because if any of that cash made it Daniel's way he was going to go away for a long time. They wondered where the money went then it flashed over to Crimson Lights where someone put the briefcase in the offices.

The doctor gave JT the instructions for Victoria saying that she might not be her normal self for a few days, then they left.

Victor told Ashley and Adam that Victoria was ok and going home. He mentioned Nikki's concerns which Adam and Ashley both tried to explain away. Victor asked why she didn't call Olivia but Ashley said the new doctor was terrific. She said she was going to bed and headed upstairs. Adam started to go as well but Victor stopped him and asked Adam about giving the maid the night off. Adam tried to explain it but Victor reminded him he didn't want Adam and Ashley alone in the house because Ashley was fragile and he couldn't see. Victor headed upstairs and Adam said, "sorry Victor we're gonna do things my way now."

Coming up tomorrow...

Mac asks Chloe what's wrong with Sharon and if the baby is ok and Chloe asks Billy if he wants to break the news or if she should do it.

Nick tells Sharon they are going to get through this together and this time it was for keeps as Jack listened in.

Mary Jane offers to watch Summer and then says unless that's too strange and she would never leave her daughter with a stranger.