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The Young and the Restless Spoilers

Hey kids! NY's finest decided to post it a bit earlier than usual via the trusty auto-post. HUGE things are coming to The Young and the Restless.

Still working hard on the screenplay of Katherine's life, Nina tries to get more info about Cane's past, but hits a roadblock in the form of Katherine herself. Cane gets a bit peeved about Nina's investigation and decides to ask Katherine to stop Nina from snooping. Unfortunately for Cane, gumshoe Paul is already looking into the Aussie barkeep's past and uncovers some juicy news. Violet Montgomery, the woman Katherine said she gave Cane to after he was born, was never in Genoa City around that time. Once Nina hears this, her spidey senses are on high alert . She knows something is not right with Cane. So far, Cane hasn't dipped into the Chancellor fortune or taken the family name so nothing sticks out for Nina, but she still feels as though he's hiding something.


Nina goes to Katherine with her findings and Katherine tells Nina to stop searching into Cane's past. While the women are getting into it, Jill arrives and sticks up for Cane. Jill and Nina go head-to-head about her findings while Katherine acts like Switzerland. Nina then informs them both about her son, Phillip IV: He's showing signs of Huntington's disease and Phillip III's DNA needs to be tested. Nina lets Jill and Kay know she will have his remains exhumed for testing. Jill informs Nina that P3's body doesn't need to be dug up since he had a DNA test ran on him after Katherine opened up about the baby switch. Nina then decides to call the lab for the test to be done, but finds out they don't have any records of P3's DNA being ran! Nina also finds out the doctor who ran the test was fired. Due to Nina's snooping, Cane calls Phillip and gets him to send a vial of his blood. Nina has P3's body dug up and his grave is empty!

Sharon: The wait is over for fans wanting to know who Sharon's baby daddy is. Sorry Shack and Phick fans, Nick will be revealed to be the father.

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Billy/Mac: Incapable of denying her love for Billy, Mac confesses she called off her engagement to Raul. Later, Chloe finds Mac in Billy's room.

Adam/Ashley/Victor: After Victor finds out Ashley has a new doctor, he decides to meet up with him at the GCAC. Ash really likes the guy and doesn't see anything wrong with him, especially since he doesn't think she needs a shrink like BFF Olivia. Ash is starting to wonder if she's losing it again, but at the same time, gets pissed when her loved ones question her sanity. Ash still believes it is Estella who has been behind all the craziness at the ranch, but the trusty housekeeper isn't around to blame. During Victor's questioning, Dr. Taylor is a bit squeamish and becomes very scared when Olivia comes over to the table and recognizes him. Liv knows Dr. Taylor's reputation and lets the couple know he's a great doctor and once Victor hears this, he's fine with him tending to Ash. Once Dr. Taylor leaves the couple start to go over baby names, since Dr. Taylor informed them the pregnancy is progressing smoothly .

Victor finds out Nick left Phyllis for Sharon and is living at the club. Ashley decides to head home to give the father and son time to talk. Victor grills Nick about breaking up his family. Victor likes Sharon more than he does Phyllis, but he knows first hand what a divorce can do to kids and is worried about how this will all affect Summer (Yes, Victor of all people, has the balls to say that mess!). Nick lets his pops know he's in love with Sharon and she's the one for him. Victor heads off to the ranch to spend time with Ashley. At home, Adam listens to his recording of Sabrina's voice on his computer when it gets stuck and starts to play continuously! Unfortunately for him, Victor and Ashley hear it all and Ashley recognizes it as the recording she heard on the phone! They both storm into Adam's room wanting to know what the hell is going on. This is when Victor and Ashley figure out that Adam's behind the craziness at the ranch.

Ashley panics with this revelation because it also makes her wonder if Adam is the culprit, then maybe she wasn't dreaming about losing her baby. Adam goes on the defensive and feigns innocence. He tries to get on Ashley's good side. Ash still doubts Adam's denials, which scares him since Ashley has always been on his side and he needs her in his corner. Victor, on the other hand, doesn't believe Adam and lets him know he's not going to be hustled by him anymore! A quick thinking Adam mentions Estella was at the ranch and could be framing him. For the moment, Adam is in the clear with Victor and Ashley. They decide to take his word, but Ashley's feelings for Adam start to change.

Victor tries to soothe Ash's "paranoia" about being on the ranch and lets her know if Adam is tormenting her, his son will rue the day he messed with Ashley! Later, Estella winds up being charged with harassing Ashley and Adam gets some devastating news. Dr. Donahue tells him he will lose his sight completely.  Before the exam, Adam accidentally drops his bottle of Botox before he can inject himself! Rafe becomes wary of Adam and starts to search his room. Adam tries to throws Rafe a curve and off his scent by admitting he has feelings for him!

Daniel: He makes bail and this leaves someone very pissed.