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Did TeleNext Miss the Opportunity to Spinoff Otalia to ATWT?!

Okay, I was so excited the first time I linked Michael Logan's TV Guide Magazine story, that I had to go back and read the interview again. Am I seeing this right? Did TPTB miss the opportunity to spinoff the most buzzed about couple in soaps from Guiding Light to As The World Turns?!


If there’s no future for GL — and at this point it doesn’t look good — the Otalia fans are going to have mixed feelings about this. Sure, they’ll be able to follow you to Days but I think a lot of them were hoping — hell, so was I — that you two might move over to As The World Turns. Your story brought a lot of new, non-soap viewers to GL, and there’s big value there. Hell, there oughta be a GL spinoff based around Otalia and really give the people what they want — it could be called The G-L Word. Admit it, it’s not a bad idea.

It’s not a bad idea at all. I would gladly have done it. It was definitely something we were rallying for. I mentioned it to all the right people. But it was somebody else’s decision. It’s out of my hands. Otalia has certainly had too short of a life. I so love this storyline. In fact, I’m creating a Web series that has a similar energy to it — different from Otalia but similar. I believe there’s another kind of story to be told in this arena. People are ready and OK — well, for the most part — with watching a woman be who she is, and fall in love with another woman. I’ve gotten so much response from fans all over the world who are grateful that GL has told this story, because they haven’t seen it before with two women. Two men maybe, but not two women. I think we showed that there’s a real niche, a real market for this sort of thing. Clearly, the time has come.

Okay, I'm no soap exec, but the FIRST move I would have made if I were running TeleNext would have been to make a deal to bring Crystal Chappell and Jessica Leccia to Oakdale! Natalia could have been Googling a more gay friendly town to live in, after GL's finale and happened about a story about all the gay activism Luke and Noah accomplish in Oakdale and decide to pay it a vist! Oh well, CARLY IS BACK!

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