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General Hospital Spoilers!

Here’s the Scoop! 06.12.09


Last week’s Q&A was a lot of Q’s and no A’s…. what can I say, life gets in the way! We’ll try it again and maybe some of you will see some of Q’s from last week pop up today…

Fight Club…at Jake’s? Matt’s RUMORED to go after Spinelli in a drunken mess and Michael gets into it with a pal of Kristina’s. Again I must ask, what’s with the teens hanging out at Jake’s? Kelly’s isn’t good enough for them? Michael gets knocked out. That can’t be good for a kid who just had brain surgery.

Druggie… Didn’t we have a teen drug storyline back in the day? Remember when Emily thought she could fly off the Q mansion roof? RUMOR has it Kristina dabbles with a little maryjane and is caught with a joint. Now, Alexis smoked the dope to ease her chemo side effects so no claims of like mother like daughter.

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Q: Regan, can you tell us who is the main story in the Ethan/Rebecca/Nik disaster? Is the ultimate goal to get fans to like Ethan/Rebecca or a Nik/Rebecca pairing?

Disaster is putting it mildly IMHO. I’m not really sure where our focus is supposed to be. On one side there’s Rebecca who is Emily’s twin that feels she got shafted. Then there’s Ethan who was just coming to PC to learn at the feet of the master (or so we were SUPPOSED to believe) who winds up with insta-family. Its classic GH, they bring in these characters that SHOULD have some edge to them and then mid-story when the fans aren’t happy they try to redeem the character. So Ethan struggles with his devotion to Rebecca and the con while Rebecca struggles with how nice the Q’s are and her “feelings” for Nikolas. My advice: instead of redeeming the characters, redeem the story with some better writing. RUMOR has it Nikolas will come to the decision to walk away from the whole mess until a meeting with Monica changes his mind.

I’ve mentioned Claudia’s hit on Jason and we all know a hit ordered by Claudia usually means disaster. Is Johnny getting caught in Claudia’s cross-fire? It would SEEM so but the LATEST is that Johnny is the key to Jason’s survival as the two fight to make it out.

The Mayor, the mistress and the mess… Sam is on the hunt to prove the Mayor is an unfaithful louse. Will she be the one to uncover an affair between the Mayor and her own mother? Mayor Floyd wants Alexis to help get the medical malpractice lawsuit over with ASAP so that no attention comes to his part in Brianne’s death. Matt’s the main man in the malpractice lawsuit but Patrick winds up at the defense table with his bro as he will also be sued. Diane is one smart cookie and wants to know why in the world Alexis is doing the Mayor’s bidding.

Q: A Liason confrontation? Hmmm? That has a negative sound. But, that doesn't necessarily mean it has to be bad, does it?

I’m not so sure this is going to go down as scandalous as it sounds, IF it goes down at all. We will have to see what happens as there SEEMS to be far too much FANFIC out there. Will Jason get a moment with Jake? That’s out there.

Will Robin and Patrick be better PI’s than Jackal and McCall? They’ll return to the scene of the accident to investigate the mistress’s untimely demise. Spinelli and Maxie get in on it too as they are caught snooping in the Mayor’s office by Mac. Spinelli did something very similar a few months back when he snuck into Rayner’s office and Alexis covered for him. Yes writers, I remember. Let’s get a little more original please.

RANDOM and CRAZY RUMORS… Robin has a warning for Maxie. Claudia sides with Carly? Jason thinks Sam and Kristina need a little sisterly time. Jax comes home to see Michael go off on Carly. Jason tries to defend Sam and assaults a police officer. Where’s Morgan? Carly and Michael search for him. CRAZIEST... are Ethan and Rebecca husband and wife?