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Is General Hospital's Michael the Second Coming of Jason Morgan?

Michael Fairman has a new interview up at with one of the most fascinating young actors to hit daytime in years, Drew Garrett (Michael, General Hospital).  I love the way Garrett answers his questions as Michael! Seems like a cool kid. Here's what Garrett has to say about the inevitable comparisons to Port Chuck's other brain damaged Q. 


MICHAEL: Is Jason Michael’s bud more so now, because Jason had brain damage at one point, too?  Are those two going to have a stronger bond?

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DREW: We share a lot of similarities.  He has been where I am, in a way. That will help for us to have a strong relationship.  He is a father figure to me, or the next best thing aside from Sonny.  I am aware he has gone through some stuff similar to what I have gone through. Obviously, I turn to him to vent, and for questions and support.  Once again, for Michael,

he is there more than Carly is. People say, ”Is Michael going to be the next Jason?” That very well could be, but in his own way, obviously.