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Paging DAYS' Louise Sorel

Now you know you can't have Carly (Crystal Chappell) without Vivian (Louise Sorel), it would be like Alexis without Krystal, Amanda without Alison, Obama without Hillary, okay, bad example. The only thing that could make this awesome, soap news confection any sweeter, would be to learn that Gary Tomlin is also planning to bring Louise Sorel back as the fabulous Vivian Alamain. With the DiMeras vs. the Kiriakises' Days of Our Lives current tentpole storyline, the timing would be perfect for Vivian— a past flame of both Victor (John Aniston) and Stefano (Joe Mascolo), Kate's (Lauren Koslow) arch nemesis, Sami's (Alison Sweeney) partner-in-crime and Phillip's (Jay Kenneth Johnson) birth mother/gestational host, the return of Aunt Viv, in conjunctiion with Carly could prove to be ratings gold. Oh, and don't forget Ivan!


OMFG: Crystal Chappell RETURNS TO DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Wishful Casting: Tom Pelphrey as Nicholas Alamain

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