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Wishful Casting: Tom Pelphrey as Nicholas Alamain

If Carly Manning (Crystal Chappellis on her way back to Salem this Fall, can her beloved son Nicholas "Nicky" Alamain be far behind? Y'all know I already have my Wishful Casting ready! I want to see Chappell's fellow Peapack alum Tom Pelphreyin the role of the tortured Euro-cad! 


Like Pelphrey's Guiding Light character Jonathan, Nicky was a slightly disturbed young man, who some how managed to enrapture the women in his life, especially his mother. What if Nicky returned and picked up where he left off with cougar Kate Roberts (Lauren Koslow), or perhaps decides to romance Hope (Kristian Alfonso) to get back at Bo (Peter Reckell) for keeping his parents apart? Or better yet, once Stephanie Gatschet finishes her run on All My Children, maybe she can come on board as Abigail Deveraux, the daughter of Nicky's father Lawrence's sworn enemy Jack Deveraux?

OMFG: Crystal Chappell RETURNS TO DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Wishful Casting: Tom Pelphrey as Nicholas Alamain

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