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The Young and the Restless Daily Recap: Jack Abbott the Black Rabbit

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I'll have to admit some things happened today that I loved and some situations on this show are still driving me nuts. First off I'm sick of seeing Jack and Phyllis continue to pine over Nick and Sharon. They are both strong characters who are definately survivors and it sucks to see them suffering from a definite case of "walk all over me" syndrome. However Jeffrey was clever in using the hint to get Gloria to realize he was talking about Jack of it rhymes with Black Rabbit. And it's also very fitting as Jack is making a habit of bed hopping lately let's just hope he doesn't start procreating like one. It also looks like Mary Jane was planning on using Summer to hurt Phyllis and may have been planning to kidnap her which is not cool at all. But the highlight today was hearing Noah finally express to his parents how sick he was of their juvenile behavior. A kid should be able to look to his parents for stability and he was absolutely right saying he never knew where they would live or who his parents were with. Maybe that will wake Nick and Sharon up to put their kids first and end this nonsense once and for all because if not the divorce coming may be Noah divorcing his parents. Well now that I've expressed my feelings on today's episode let's continue with the recap...

Mac impulsively flirts with Billy as Chloe Reads a Story of Their Past:

Billy sat feeding Delia and having a blast as she giggled at him adorably. Chloe came home and he asked her when Delia had started laughing. She said it had been a week or so then asked him how it looked, referring to her new outfit, but he assumed she was talking about Delia and said it was adorable. He asked her if she'd videotaped Delia's first laugh and she said no because she could see it first hand and it would be too bad if he missed out on her other firsts because he was off sleeping with someone else's husband.

Mac told Cane on the phone she could close up for him and would be there in twenty mintues. After the call she flashed back to saying she wished she could be impetuous, impulsive, and selfish. She went over to the mirror, let down her hair, opened up her shirt a bit and said, "why not?"

Chloe continued cracking jokes about Billy possibly being the father of Sharon's baby but he didn't find them funny. He told her that Sharon was moving out of the Abbott Mansion and Jack wouldn't look him in the eye. Mac came downstairs as they were talking about it and asked what was wrong with Sharon. Chloe asked Billy if he wanted to tell her the news or if she should.

Mac said it was clearly between the two of them so she should leave, but Chloe stopped her saying Sharon and Jack split up. Billy said things had been really crazy at the house and Chloe said that's why she brought Delia over because no matter what was going on with them Delia should know that she'd always have her daddy. Billy looked shocked and Mac excused herself to go to work. As soon as she was gone Billy told Chloe that what she'd done was evil and she told him to relax she wasn't going to tell Mac about him and Sharon. Billy kissed her cheek and said thank you. He started to leave but Chloe said he could stay and they could talk. He told her he'd call her tomorrow and thanked her for letting him see the baby. Chloe said this was a new her with no tricks up her sleeve and he left. But after he was gone she took back that statement.

Mac tried to teach herself how to be all cool and flip the bottles around but it wasn't working. Billy showed up and apologized for the Chloe drama at the house. He offered to put everything aside and talk about nothing drama related like the weather. She asked him what he wanted and he ordered a soda which she noticed was a welcome change.

Chloe went upstairs to Mac's room and started to look through her things. She noticed that her clothes were boring, in her opinion, but then spotted a box. She found a prom queen tiara and the memory book. She started to look through it and read what looked like journal entries.

Chloe tried the bottle flipping trick again which made Billy chuckle. She asked him if he remembered the karaokee recording they did in high school and he nodded. She said back then she was so worried about singing too off key or too loud but now that's all she wanted to do. She said she wanted to be impulsive and Billy told her he thought her engagement to Raul counted as impulsive. All he got from her for that one was a glare so he told her to come around the bar and he'd teach her the bottle flipping trick. She did and they got really close together. He put his face in her hair and she leaned her face back towards him but stepped away and said it was just a stupid bar trick and she needed to close up.

Wearing the prom queen tiara Chloe sat and imagined the conversations between Mac and Billy about their future while reading the memory book.

Billy was helping Mac close up and she asked him what he would do if he could go back. His response was to hold onto his dreams because back then he knew what he wanted out of life, who he wanted to be, and said it was too easy to let go when the thing you dreamed about the most was ripped away from you. He started to leave but their song came on. He told her this was her chance to sing and she kissed him.

Chloe continued to read Billy's words to Mac that he would never want to be with anyone but her and it would always be her. Delia started crying so Chloe put the box away and went to check on her.

Noah Berates His Parents, Mary Jane Plots Against Phyllis as Jeffrey Thinks She's a Prostitute:

Mary Jane finished up a business meeting at the club and then ran into Jeffrey. He told her he needed a public relations person but she said that she catered to a more upscale clientele which he didn't fit into and left. Gloria came over and asked him what he found out and he said he wasn't sure yet. Jeffrey started to order a scotch but Gloria changed the order to ice water and bread telling Jeffrey they couldn't afford to keep stalking Mary Jane. Jeffrey said if his instincts were right they wouldn't have to stalk her much longer and would have all the money they needed.

Sharon came downstairs after packing her things and looked around the room sadly. She flashed back to a popcorn fight she had with Jack and how much fun it was especially after she kissed him. Jack came home and saw Sharon's stuff by the door. He threw his briefcase in frustration and wandered into the main room where Sharon came to greet him. Sharon said she could leave right away and he said she didn't have to. She said they couldn't make the same mistakes and Jack said he wouldn't change anything. He told her she didn't have to leave but Sharon said he couldn't keep putting his life on hold for her and that this was goodbye.

Michael told Phyllis he wished he could do more for Kevin but his therapy was going well. Phyllis was messing with his tie which made him snap saying he didn't go over there for her to dress him. She told him she didn't want to talk about it and was sick of crying about this. She said she couldn't give up and had to do everything she could to save her marriage. Michael offered to cancel date night and have Lauren come over with wine and slasher flicks but Phyllis told him she'd take a rain check and shoved him towards the door to go spend time with his wife. When they got to the door Nick was there to meet them.

Sharon looked at the picture Cassie drew of their family and put it in a box. She started to lift the box but Jack took it out of her hands saying he'd do it. She told him he was always looking for her and he said he always would. Sharon told him she'd been thinking before about the night she moved back in there and they reminisced about it a bit. Jack asked her to stay again because if she walked out, his life would be empty. He asked her if Nick had offered her as much as he had and she responded that Nick was her life and she couldn't remember what life was like before him. She did say she was going to miss Jack and hugged him.

Michael told Nick he had a lot of nerve coming over and Nick said it was none of Michael's business. They started to argue but Phyllis told Michael she'd be ok so they said I love you to each other and he left. Have I mentioned how much I adore the friendship between Michael and Phyllis because I really do. Nick asked how Summer was and Phyllis said she was fine but it took her awhile to go to sleep because she was waiting for Nick to come home. He asked Phyllis if she told Summer what was going on and Phyllis said no. She wondered what she was supposed to tell Summer such as her daddy left because he loved his other family more then them. He told her to stop and she said she'd tell the sitter that he'd be by tomorrow. Nick told her he thought she should be the one to file for divorce since he was in the wrong and he wouldn't fight her, she could have whatever she wanted in the settlement. Phyllis was baffled how they could be together for years, build a business and a family together, and then have him throw words at her like divorce and settlement. Nick said he wanted to be fair and Phyllis said it was too late for that. She told him if he wanted a divorce then he had to be the one to file the papers.

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Nick said she may think it's easy for him but it's not because everytime he saw her in pain he wanted to take her in his arms and make it all go away. If I remember right I think Nick used that line on Sharon when he left her for Phyllis, this guy really needs to get some new material. She asked him if she seemed weak to him because she knew how much weak women turned him on. He said they had a choice there whether to be stubborn and vindictive or do what's right for their kids. Phyllis didn't show any sympathy for him and said if he was in pain she was glad. His phone rang and she knew who it was so she told him to leave. Summer came downstairs just as he left and called out for her daddy but Phyllis said it wasn't her daddy who was there it was just the TV.

Sharon was on the phone with Nick and said she'd see him in a minute. Jack walked in just as she told Nick she loved him. Jack asked if Nick was on his way there and she said he was just pulling up. She went to open the door and Jack went into the other room. She asked Nick how things went down with Phyllis and he told her not to ask. Sharon started to wonder if they were doing the right thing and Nick assured her they were. He said that there was no escaping that some people were going to be hurt in all this but he didn't want her to forget how much he loved her and the baby. He told her they'd get through it together and hugged her just as Jack came back into the room.

Jack promised not to make a scene and Sharon said they should go. Nick told her to wait in the car and he'd be there in a second. As soon as she was out the door Nick started to say something but Jack told him he didn't have anything Jack wanted to hear right then. Nick started to leave and Jack told him to take care of Sharon. After Nick was gone Jack made a call to someone saying he needed to see them.

Phyllis drew with Summer but stopped and said she had to tell her something. She used an "owie" as a metaphor and said that Nick would be living somewhere else but they both still loved her a lot. Summer seemed to understand and was ok so they went back to coloring but Phyllis looked as if she was doing her best to hold back tears.

Lauren went to meet Eden at Crimson Lights and arrived just as Noah was leaving. Eden told her Noah had to go meet his mom at the club which was weird because she was supposed to be living at Jack's. Lauren wondered what it was about and Eden said she didn't know but it was probably drastic because Sharon was more of a drama queen then she was. Eden said whatever it was she hoped it didn't screw everything up especially now that Sharon and Jack were having a baby.

Jack went to see Mary Jane and as soon as she answered the door he kissed her and pushed her back into the room.

Jeffrey came downstairs and told Gloria he just saw someone making out with Mary Jane. When she asked who he said he'd give her a hint, the guy's name rhymed with Black Rabbit. Gloria was delighted at this news then Jeffrey made it better insinuating that Mary Jane was a high class prostitute.

Mary Jane asked Jack to stay the night but he said he had to leave to go get some business done. She flashed back to seeing him and Phyllis having sex but told him to suit himself. He said he'd see her at the office and kissed her. She told him not to work too hard before he left. After he was gone she pulled out her creepy scrapbook and pointed at Phyllis' picture on her enemy page. She faked a call to a location Restless Style was going to be photographing at the next day and canceled it. Then she called Restless Style and faked being from the location saying they had to cancel because of a double booking.

Noah showed up at Sharon's room and asked why she wasn't at Jack's. Before she could answer Nick came out and Noah asked them what was going on. She told him that she and Nick were going to try and reconcile. Noah asked since when and asked about Jack and the baby. Nick said they were going to raise the baby together and Noah was confused because as far as he knew Nick wasn't the father. Sharon said they didn't know that for sure and Noah got agitated. He said she cheated on Jack and Nick cheated on Phyllis and no one knew who they wanted to be with. Sharon said it wasn't that simple but Noah said this was unreal and wondered why she had to jump from house to house and bed to bed. Nick told him to watch his mouth and Noah started to walk out. Sharon stopped him and said no one was leaving that room until they'd talked out the situation.

Sharon admitted she and Nick hadn't been the best role models lately but this was permanent this time. Somehow I think Noah found that statement as flimsy as we all do because with this group there's sure to be a partner switch and location change every five minutes. Noah said he always wanted them to get back together but he couldn't believe it. He asked if they were getting married again but when Sharon was silent Noah got mad again and left. After he was gone Sharon asked how many more people were going to be upset by this and how much more could they take.

Noah told Eden what was going on and said he was going to get as far away from them as possible. She asked him how far and he said he was going to file for emancipation. She was skeptical so he started listing the upsides which cheered her up right away.

Nick and Sharon laid on the couch making plans and she remembered Cassie's drawing. She said she never put it up at Jack's because it didn't seem right but now it was. He kissed her and the baby kicked. Nick put his hand on her stomach to feel it and said the baby must like the idea for the new house. She snuggled up to him and he said they would have their lives back again. He flashed back to Summer running up to him and started to look sad. I'm actually shocked by this because it looks like he may actually have a conscience and care what this could do to his daughter.

Phyllis put a mop on Summer's head and was joking around with her when there was a knock on the door. Mary Jane was there and said the location cancelled the photo shoot for tomorrow. Phyllis said she had to go to the office to fix it but couldn't take Summer with her. Mary Jane offered to watch Summer and Phyllis agreed. After Phyllis left Mary Jane asked Summer if she liked to pretend to be other people. Summer said yes so Mary Jane asked her if she thought it would be fun to pretend to be other people together. There was a knock on the door and it was Jack who was very curious as to why Mary Jane was there.

Coming up next week....

Mac and Billy (who has his shirt off by the way) stop kissing when they hear a voice calling Mac's name and she says it's Raul.

Jack tells Phyllis that this isn't his first romantic disaster and maybe it was the time he drove a perfectly innocent woman to attempted murder.

Mary Jane asks Victor what will happen to her and Jack once this is all over.

Question for today...

Which character today is suffering the worst from a case of "walk all over me" syndrome?

A.) Jack because no matter what Sharon does he continues to beg her to come back.

B.) Phyllis because no matter how many times Nick cheats on her or leaves her she still wants to be married to him.

C.) Chloe for continuing to pine after Billy a guy who's obviously in love with someone else and can't seem to keep his pants on.

D.) Noah who is once again having his life flip turned upside down and inside out as his parents change residences and partners for the upteenth time.

E.) Mary Jane for letting Jack use her for sex

F.) other