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Last Week's B&B: Ridge Gets Drugged Up

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The week opened with Brooke refusing to side with Ridge. She wouldn’t forbid the gruesome twosome (Steffy and Rick) from seeing each other. Ridge was as reasonable as ever when he yelled, “you should be supporting ME!” Poor Ridgiculous “won’t tolerate” it anymore. The pompous buffoon walked out and made a beeline for Phoebe’s grave. Taylor was hanging out there, most likely thinking about the crummy epitaph on Phoebe’s gravestone: “Our star will shine.” Did they not see her duet with Constantine? "I sucked" would've been a better engraving in memorium of that little twit.  


Seeing that Ridge was upset, Taylor gave him one of her anti-anxiety pills. After drugging him, she drove him up to Big Bear and promised “I’ll take care of you, don’t worry... let me help you.” When Brooke called Ridge, Taylor was quick to turn the volume down on his phone. First drug him, then block calls from his (not-yet-legal) wife. Sneaky. It wasn’t long before Taylor called her old chum Stephanie to dish.


Meanwhile, Ridge was feeling awesome: “This place, the mountains, the fresh air.” Yeah, and the pills, Ridge, the pills! Stephanie wasn’t forthcoming when Brooke wanted to know where Ridge was. As Brooke tried to find silly pill-head Ridge, Taylor and Ridge were smooching up at Big Bear.

Eric apologised to Stephanie and tried to lure her back to Forrester Creations, but she wasn’t biting and told him to shove it. Then they had a tender moment. I almost forgot what a psychopath she is and what a horny old goat he is.

Thomas burst in on Steffy and Rick, blurting “leave my sister alone.” Same old, same old, you know the drill. They’re in love, Thomas doesn’t approve.

Brooke had a bonding moment with her sisters, skanky Donna and drippy Katie. The Logan sisters had a group hug as Brooke spilled her guts about Ridge ditching her. (Side-note: Katie is starting to grow on me a little bit. Donna just makes me ill.)

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Ridge continued to sneak pills from Taylor’s handbag, and egads he was loving that zonked out feeling he was getting. He confessed that Taylor was starting to look like “the best thing in the world for [him].” He went back to face Brooke and declared to her “something gave me joy up there at the cabin.” That something being pills. Goodness, Ridgiepoo, you’re a jackass.

Nick and Bridget had some slo-mo sex. While they’re not the snoozefest that Nick and Katie were, Nick and Bridget are not exactly setting my screen on fire. After the soft-porn, Nick got on his high horse and started telling his mother that she couldn’t see Owen. This from a man who’s just finished servicing his ex-wife’s daughter. Puh-lease! Nick demanded that Jackie choose between him and Owen at Jackie M – she chose Nick and it looks like Owen is out the door.

That wasn’t the end of it though – Owen later proposed to Jackie and she accepted. These two are easily the most fun and engaging couple on the show. Is he using her? I really hope not, but hell... they are having some kick ass rumpy-pumpy either way, and it’s great to watch.


By the end of the week, it finally happened – Ridge left Brooke and their illegal marriage in the dust. Katherine Kelly Lang did her patented single tear and I rejoiced that Brooke was FREE. I mean, it’s bad that she’s heartbroken, but it’s better than being shackled to that numb-skull Ridgiculous.

The trickle-down effect had Brooke telling Rick about the break-up and Ridge confiding in Stephanie. Seizing the opportunity, Stephanie told Taylor to get her ass over there pronto. She dutifully obliged and went off to make Ridge some tea. Stephanie excused herself, but not before witnessing Ridge’s rummaging in Taylor’s bag and popping some more of her pills. Stephanie pocketed the pills but kept schtum. Looks like a pill-induced boink is on the cards – Ridge was looking at blurry Taylor with longing eyes, telling her how beautiful she was (in double-vision).